Monday, April 9, 2012

my friends

I have these two friends - you know the one's you meet and just click.  They are my clickers.  We share some common traits, many a common trait actually.  I just love them, they make me smile.  Guess what.... they both have started their own blogs this year - and I think it's about time I shared their blogs with you.

I had to add a photo to brighten the page... here is my storage area for terrariums (our bedroom)

Enjoy reading and for a few of you who wanted to learn more about autism - there is not a better place to learn than a sneak peak into the lives of those who live with it.  Presenting Blowing Kisses & Making Wishes and Telksie's happy heart.

Love Rach xx


  1. oh they sound like the sweetest dearest friends you could life has very little time for my friends just now (the down side of working crazy shifts) but this has prompted me to get back to my least this way I can keep in contact with blog friends in amongst my strange hours!

    Hope you are keeping well...How was Kallista markets?

    TK xx
    (ps - I LOVE that you have 'ditsy' in your heading.....just love it!!! xx

  2. Nobody clicks quite like a sister,
    I love ya guts
    Lotsa oxoxoxo



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