Monday, April 30, 2012


Red Hill market is 5 sleeps away!  Here are some happy snaps to share what is going on...

Yes, my baking trays are currently housing moss by our window.

Someone snapped this... my studio (I told you we lived in it)!  Not for much longer... I will have my OWN studio... no more moss and terrariums at the dining table!

I love playing with light.... loving photographing my work too!

A weekend with best friends, celebrating birthdays.  These girls had not been photographed since Miss G's first day of school!  Precious girls xx.

Lots to make today...

More washing of glassware!  Now to source some more interesting wares!

The local oppy was a hub of encouragement this morning... I hope and pray all will come to pass.  So many exciting ideas and Squiggly Rainbow adventures are brewing!

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Love your work, the one with the deer is just beautiful.

  2. wow, you are amazing! look at all your beautifully delicate work.
    you look absolutely lovely in these pics ♥

  3. Look at all of the beautiful glass from the oppy.
    Great shot of the deer terrarium with the sunlight. It looks beautiful.



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