Friday, April 13, 2012


I have a list that feels a mile long of unfinished projects, not in order of priority (except for the baby quilt for the friends baby born last week).  I need my foot fixed (machine foot that is).

Here's what's on the go....

Baby quilt
Knit second bootee for the same baby
My Cardi
Knit master J's second glove (can you see a pattern)
Constant terrarium making
7 chairs in the shed to re-do
I don't think I will count the dresses I cut out a few months back.... they may morph into a rag rug or something... chewing bracelets?

Yes, I need to make some chewing bracelets for Master J.  He didn't like his chewellery - too rubbery!

Will have a go at something like this - thank you Pinterest for your inspiration!  Of course without the buttons- we don't want him to choke!

Much Love Rach xx

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