Tuesday, April 3, 2012


School holidays are here in Melbourne.  Time with my babes.  We are having calm.  The last few weeks have been torturess.  Collecting Master J from school has been something I have dreaded - for the screams all afternoon thereafter have been too much to bear.

Times like these remind me that all is okay.  We are good.

We are even managing more outings.  Remember when they were unbearable?  We did almost lose the plot at the end of this delightful outing - saved by a drink of chocolate milk detour on the way home.

We even took along some new lovley friends.  They understand us too.  Spectrum families.

It was harvest time.  Lots of beautiful kipfler's.  Time to do some Autumn planting.

It makes me ponder that home-school thing again.  Maybe we should have Wednesdays off?

I love the learning and playing and creating and fossicking we do on holidays.  It makes me feel so contented.  They seem  contented too.

Much Love Rach xx


  1. Ahh, what a wonderful day. Holidays with this amazing Melbourne Autumnal weather...wonderful!

    Agree, Wednesday off, a pj day, lay in, mid week rest would be a dream.

    I adore the pics, your little people all look so content and free.

    xoxox Happy Holidays!

  2. I love your new bloggy look!
    And the shots of the cookies in the grass are so sweet!
    lotsa oxox

    1. I'm really into yellow at the moment! xx

  3. Enjoy you holidays and the adventures outside that they bring!
    What's in your garden for this Autumn?

    1. Master J helped to write a list yesterday, we need to plant more silverbeet, spinach, garlic, root vegies and lots of beans and peas! xx

  4. It's so good to be taking the time to recover from the school term...looks like your crew are doing a wonderful job of it :)

  5. I LOVE the peeking faces in the grass photo, gorgeous! lol

  6. Loving those black and white photos you took and the ones of the kids playing in long grass... they look idyllic. Yay for rest. We have a few more days to go until the hols and I cannot wait. I so need some rest.

  7. We have Wednesdays off. It's a balancing act between rest and busyness. Isn't everything? It's taken me the whole term but I think I've finally achieved it. Thanks for visiting my little space.
    That first photo of miss g is divine btw. Nice work mrs r xx



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