Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yarn Along

Knitting has been a bit slow this week with preparation for market this Easter Saturday.  I am so excited for my cosy sweater to be ready - thankfully our Autumn weather is so mild I do not yet need a cosy sweater... I have time!  It is coming with me everywhere I go... I wonder what people think - I love the smiles from the more 'mature' of the population... but those my age.... hehehe?  Oh well.

Reading is only happenning at night as we get ready for market on Saturday.  Mr DCT has given his blessing and I am excited.  We ordered our very own market marquee - so everything is coming along well.  Moss harvesting is the most time consuming part - albeit the most enjoyable!

Miss G has been by my side helping make and create.  Yesterday she sculpted about eighty tiny toadstools for me!  Thanks Precious! 

Easter Cards stitched and packed. 

Easter terrariums made.

Hoppity hop hop.

More special Squiggly Rainbow miniatures to adorn these quirky gardens.

School holiday time.  Resting and relaxing.  Even if it is with the ipad as the means for social interaction between brothers.

Washing glassware in preparation for lots of terrarium making.

Painting wooden lids.

And finishing off the toadstools.  I do love them!

And finally on the beside and what I am about to read as I go to bed... this great book.  It is so real and relevant.  Written by a 12 year old boy with Asperger's... helping me so much.  I have so much to learn - it is a hard journey with such high functioning boys.  What is Asperger's and what is not?  Do I expect the unexpected?  Do I lessen my expectations?  Or am I just cranky?

Much Love while linking in with Ginny and Yarn Along

Rach xx


  1. I had a real love of toadstools when I was a kid, I loved drawing them and making fairy homes I have kids myself I'm enjoying reliving all that fun stuff! Your toadstools and terrariums are amazing! Also, Where is your wool from? Bendigo? I love that colour!!

    1. Hi, yes, the yarn is from the Bendigo Woolen mills xxx

  2. Wow, so much happening - all looking gorgeous. Good luck for your market!

  3. love the cardigan design and the yarn looks so soft and squishy! I hope you finish it before it's cold out!

  4. I love your terrariums! What a great idea. I am so behind with Easter this year....

  5. oh so much to love here, good luck with all. i wish i were near your market, i would buy your lovely things! what a sweet and adorable girl you have (and your boys too).

  6. Hope the market goes well. You have lots of lovely items to sell. The toadstools are very sweet.

  7. I love the yarn you are using for your sweater. And those toadstools are adorable!!

  8. Love the knitting and the terrariums. Hooray for child labour! Those mushrooms look fantastic. I'm sure she is loving being creative with Mum too. All the best at the markets! :)

    What an interesting book too. This might be an obvious question, but have you read 'The curious incident of the dog in the night time' by Mark Haddon?

  9. oh I love those toadstools. Do you ever sell them (by themself - not in a terrarium?) My kiddos are into making fairy gardens at the moment and I am trying to source lots of little movable bits.
    Lovely blog



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