Wednesday, May 30, 2012

another new house

We moved 16 months ago to our new area... and the house we ventured to must have been part of our transition plan.  It was not meant to last.  I remember telling Mr DCT that even if we won lotto, I would only love that house - so it must have been meant to be.  A good six months later - the tables turned.  The bathroom and size really got to me.  I knew it was time to find a home that could be a home to raise my family.  A home to have family and friends come and stay.  A home to invite people over for dinner.

It took lots of patience and prayer.  But we moved in yesterday.  A one month settlement.  A bit of painting.  A plan of attack to get the little house on the market.  The children are ecstatic.  Master S is so much happier.  We feel we are back to our old selves again.  I didn't really think a house could affect one so much, especially feeling like we are all a bit of a loving type of family.  But the little house with wobbly taps and a a moldy bathroom did make us feel somewhat not ourselves.

Here are the first few days and the last few too... My Miss P helping pack... here is her brand new blog... please stop by and hear the voice a wonderful young lady!

Miss P helping me pack!

The boys first bath in the new house.

Love my stained glass window, considering popping the piano underneath it... and the curtains... mmm... what to do?


Very lucky Master J to be baby-sat by the computer while I unpack some things... Miss G's room awaiting more bedrooms to be painted so we can set her's up!

My essay was submitted on time.... actually 3 hours before the deadline.  My sister-in-law visited with some yummy lunch to nurture us and we had cute niece cuddles too.

Off to bed for me!  Night night!

Love Rach xx


  1. Wow! It's looking really good! :) can't wait to visit, thanx for mentioning me x

  2. Fantastic! Love the space and it will be exciting to see its transformation! Enjoy the journey! It seems things are going well with our plans on moving our little ones to the hills (wink wink) and thanks for being such an inspiration!

  3. All the best and have a lot of fun nesting in your new home!!! Homes are so important! How good that you found something that makes all of you happy! <3 hugs

  4. Can't wait to see how you transform this into your home! I always loved the photos you shared of your last place, but I understand what you're saying. Sometimes it just isn't right.

    Enjoy settling in and all the best to you!!

  5. Hope you settle in quickly and well!



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