Thursday, May 10, 2012

are you listening?

I haven't been blogging as much lately - maybe it's because I know people are reading.  People who know me, or people I bump into down the street.  My thoughts so eloquently (perhaps, or not so) written, are out there for you to scrutinize and analyse - like or not like.

I knew that would happen when I started blogging.  I'm not all about writing about the day to day stuff - I like to write my thoughts.  But lately, I'm a bit hesitant.  I'm feeling a bit shy.  I met some of you at the markets, some have bought my work and fall into my Terrarium world of peace and la-la-ness.  It's perhaps that dreamy way that make me love making and designing.  But my thoughts are mine for a while.  Just while you're getting to know me.

When I started blogging, I wanted the two to intertwine, now I'm not sure.  I have thought about starting another blog to express my thoughts - but somehow I think I would want to share creating with you.

I might just pop in a little less lately - is that okay?  We are moving house in two weeks and I am so looking forward to having some order and peace back in our life.  I may even have a go at making my own Mason Jar lights - but with some Fowlers Jars instead!  Just on a rambling note about these lights - I am a little frustrated when I think I have come up with a great idea - and only realise it is famous! Aaahhh, anyway - no fake grass for my stall, but I think we will do the Fowlers lights for above my kitchen bench!

Love me xx (Rach)


  1. i hear you! maybe subconsciously that's why I have been hesitant with blogging aswell.
    it does feel a little odd that people know so much about you yet you really don't know them.
    i am torn aswell, have a break, see how you feel.
    rushing off for kinder pick up, talk soon, hope you can come to the afternoon tea.
    BIG hugs ♥

    1. Cathie, I am so looking forward to the Morning tea! Can't wait to give you a big hug! xxx

  2. Enjoy your new home and family time. I enjoy your blog and find you an inspiration in many areas. Your a special person for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Lovely, I am secretly hoping you decide to send your kidlets to the blessed school.... then we can have coffee! xx

    2. I am forging ahead and being brave - sending in and crossing all my fingers and toes for good outcome tomorrow :)

    3. ohhh.. and of course would love a coffee catchup! x

    4. Wonderful - I can take you to my favorite place! xx

  3. Hello
    I understand as well. I had a blog before my new one and I got the jitters for some reason so I discontinued it. But then I missed the blogging community so I started another (as I hastily deleted my other one). I actually love that you are honest. I wish I could be but I also understand because I am a private person and my greatest fear is that work colleagues will discover my blog and then I'd be open to slaughter (as they do with everyone's facebook).
    I will look forward to your posts whenever you feel like sharing.
    Take care. xx



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