Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday.  Market day at Red Hill - our first at Red Hill was great.  Rainy and cold, but the response to my work and the love of terrariums was fabulous!  As always, my favourite part is seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they investigate each little story under glass.  I met the fabulous LISA from ledamae... so blessed to be market neighbours!  And I even splurged on one of her pieces of art to hang in the new guestroom!

When I am making a terrarium, I feel like I am painting a picture with moss... my tools are my brush, the moss the paint.

Master S is getting a bit anxious about the unknown of the move (as expected).  Miss G packed her whole room over the weekend.  Master J is cruising along well and excited to have friends over for sleepovers.  Mr DCT is organising all the officialdom.... and I have a list...


Video a lesson and write an essay on my lesson

Prepare for an Exam

Upwey Market

Flemington Market

Move house

Paint a house

Tidy and sell this house

Then all the day to day things... Mumma, cook, cleaner, thrifter!

I'm okay with it all, not getting stressed, feeling pretty good.  Maybe because it is all meant to be!  I also designed something new... a bit of a secret - but here are some sneak peaks...

 Thanks for reading... thanks for commenting... all almost 200 of you reading.... who are you?  Say hi, don't be shy!  Just a quick note about artists copyright aswell - thanks for respecting it!

Much Love Rach x


  1. Your terrariums are simply beautiful and you set your market stall up so well.
    Good luck with the move.

    1. Thanks so much - I am surprised with such great feedback, I literally through the display together with what I had... xxx

  2. Wow - Red Hill that's what I call 'making it' in the market world! I love Red Hill. It's just such a challenge to get there. I always get lost!

    Thanks for the chat this afternoon - it's so good to see you looking at peace with the flurry around you :)

    1. it was just lovely to chat with you and I am so thankful for the peace I have! Looking forward to being able to invite you over for a cuppa once we are settled! xx

  3. I just love your stall set up. And of course your beautiful creations.

    Good luck with selling and the moving and the settling.

    1. Thanks Jenny xx I am so excited... it is a start of a new era - an era of our kidlets getting bigger and bigger things for Squiggly Rainbow xx

  4. what a lovely set up, well done! Glad the markets went well.

  5. oh my gosh I never saw this post.......taurie mentioned you had mentioned meeting me in a post, that was so so lovely of you thanks......when are you at the markets again?????? I feel really bad that I never saw it smooch to yu and grace xx



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