Thursday, June 28, 2012

# 300

Who can believe this is my 300th post on the blog!  Wow, time flies... I must have a bit to say and I do love sharing photo's!

The very first one is here.  Thanks to all of you for your encouragement along the way; for reading my rants and dreams and hopes.  Reading the hard to write stuff that brings healing and confidence.  Not to mention the log of creations and thrifting that goes on.... and moving house twice in this short time!

I don't have any giveaways, or balloons and streamers - just a simple little thank you with all of my heart for reading!

Love to you friend
Rach xx

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yarn Along

Linking in for Yarn Along with Ginny.  Reading a gentle little number; Saving Grace by Annie Jones - borrowed from the kidlets' school library - I can too be a member which is exciting.

Knitting a beanie for Miss M, my niece.  This is the first pattern I have designed.  So far I am reasonable happy with it.  Knitted in a merino silk blend.  I will publish the pattern once I have finished it.

Master J was home from school today, waiting for three more days of school until the mid-year break seemed a bit too much.  I would like to be able to say we spent the day doing 'my-type' of activities like ravelling balls of thrifted yarn... however my little man spent a great deal of time watching iview once we finished our special time together.

Tomorrow I am headed to The Vintage Shed to bring some new terrariums and miniature gardens to the stall - it was quite nice to be back into the quiet ho-hum of working Squiggly style!  My chooklets came and pottered by my side at I potted terrariums on the back deck.  I really need that potting bench built

Much Love Rach xx

PS... after yesterdays post, I found this little video - is there any contribution you may be able to make?  A letter to your MP maybe?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I have this friend

I have this friend.  Often she speaks what I am feeling.  Quite blessed that we are friends.  I still am having trouble blogging, especially when I have these things on my mind.  I wonder if we have esp or special powers, or maybe we are just great friends - besties.

Please read this.  These words are what I cannot express, but how I too am feeling.  Hannah at

Love Rach xx

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today Miss G has a different Miss P sleeping over.  They are cooking up a storm and washing up the dishes and sweeping the floor after themselves.

Camera batteries are on charge.  Mr DCT plugged the Wii in after it was packed for the last year and a half.

We potted in the garden, moving pots and chairs and bits and pieces we had unloaded in an awkward spot of the yard.  I got lost in potting my plants, my foxgloves I transplanted from the old house have a new garden bed.  Apple trees transplanted hopefully for the last time.

We found chicken feathers by the neighbors yard... I think Miss Foxy Loxy came in the light of day and took Miss Mia Chooklet.  Fern died by fright we think last Sunday - now we are a family of three chooklets.  

A beautiful Mum from my placement school has sent her hubby around to pick up the pool table.

The boys have spent a couple of hours on the Wii.  I think to myself 'bad parent'.  Choc chip biscuits are ready.  Girls turn on the Wii now.  Boys eating biscuits.

Must remember to where gardening gloves when I am in the garden.  My fingers are cracked and sore.  Time for some knitting. 

 My body is aching from gardening.  Miss G discovered gardening is the best excercise one can have while reading the ipad app of 10500 random facts.  So far so good with my red Hunters.

I'm thinking about my craft room and getting it organised.  Hoping to buy myself a new sewing machine and make some cushions.  I'll bundle up all my fabrics and send them down to the stall.  Time to move on I think. 

What's been entertaining you today?

Rach xx

Thursday, June 21, 2012

how can it be?

I am feeling a little numb and not knowing what to blog about.  I read a lovely blog, written by Amy.  Amy lives in the US with her hubby and son - their family is rapidly expanding and about to welcome two new babes into their lives.

You see, I am feeling a little numb, because I feel completely and utterly powerless.  There is no simple way to get around the Australian adoption laws being the toughest in the Western World.  How, oh how does one change this situation.  An average of 6 to 8 years and $50K with no guarantee that your adoption will go through.

How can this go under the radar?  Why is their extremely little attention given to orphans in foreign orphanages?  Why did the Australian government tell me there is almost no demand to adopt in this country? What the and how the?  Bloggers... tell me.... what can be done?

Visit Amy if you have time, it is so encouraging.  Did you know if I moved to the US, within six months I could adopt through their adoption systems?  But would I be allowed back into Australia with my adopted child?  I think not.  Crazy business my friends.  It really does my head in.  Babies, up to six sharing a cot, not crying because human instinct tells them to keep their energy as no-one will listen anyway, babies not feeling grass between their fingers, barely even cuddled... and there is no demand?

image courtesy Tiny Green Elephants

Ten years in an orphanage and no demand says the Australian Government?  'The Lucky Country' some say? I'm feeling it is more like 'The Selfish Country'.

Rach xxx

Monday, June 18, 2012


I have never taken part in a Winter Solstice celebration.  I love the look and feel of such a community gathering.  So this Saturday evening I am planning on taking my family and whoever else is visiting to the Belgrave Lantern Parade.  I am so excited.

We will get our lantern making on this week, so many ideas.  I just had a wee peak at Pinterest, oh my, check these pics out!  I particularly like the willow - it reminds me of my birdcages!  Do you celebrate the middle of winter?  Or any other community events like this?

image credit

Or maybe this last one is my favorite!  

Much Love Rach xx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

red tape

I just read this post.  And my heart is aching.  How, oh how, can our red tape be banished.  So much focus on things that do not matter in life's grand scheme.... and babies grow up without parents.  I can't think of anything more important.  Why is our government so against adoption?  Goodness, millions spent on broadband... go figure.

image care of Tiny Green Elephants

I'm feeling quite numb.
Love Rach xx

I would just like to write a post about Miss P . . . ;D

I would just like to say that I love Miss P!!!! <3

Saturday, June 16, 2012

our backyard

A Bestie coming to sit and knit while our boys frolicked in the forest and a tad of minecraft on the ipad.  Not forgetting their own gumboots.

Miss P happy with her beanie.  Up for another weekend in the hills.

Master J delivered an egg.

Our boys being paleontologists.  Obviously the previous owners had a dog (or two)... the yard needs a serious cleanup.  The boys were a great help... I asked them if they could put the puzzle of bones together to make a dinosaur.  Reminded me of my kinder placement.... perhaps I should give them a clean, dry in the sun and keep for my kinder days?   

The first of many cubbies.

A gift of moss. I think someone knew I loved moss when this house was 'given' to us!

Miss P up for another weekend and baking brownies with Miss G.  Miss G starting her own blog.  

The boys and I discovering our backyard.  I am so excited for the time and blessing of this home and toasting lots of marshmallows on the fire.

Love Rach xo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

thanks to you

For all of you who left some comments, thanks so much.  It really meant alot.  I will keep the blog as it is... I visited a couple of places in blog-land and it inspired me to keep it real!  Your encouragement did too!

Change is as good as a holiday so they say - so I have changed the look of the blog - it reflects these Wintery  months and the green hills around me.

Here are a couple of places I have been visiting today.... I am inspired for some houseplants!

posie gets cozy

Posie Gets Cozy and of course Miss P....  Checking out lots of books and will probably write my wish list as a blog post so it does not get lost in space.  The local craft store this morning was also a delight - Kate has walked a similar path of depression - and it was great to chat about with her.  She encouraged the blog to keep on going.

Night night friends.

Love to you
Rach xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the blog

I have been considering changing the blog a bit... It seems there is so much I want to share on a personal level, and then there is the 'terrarium' or business side of things.  I am not sure how it will work, but I may either move everything over to another blog, or start one for only business things.

I will still share my creating with you - but all the details of markets, latest designs etc could all be under one tab.  I need a space to share my head.  It's not doing so well today.  Funny thing that.  No rhyme or reason, just feeling quite flat.  I wish I could crawl into bed and read for the rest of the day and leave Mummy duty to someone else.

I tried to take my mind off my mind by taking some pictures.  Not sure if it worked.... think I will wash the rest of the dishes instead and visit the chickens, maybe some knitting.  I am missing my friends.    

What do you think, honestly... keep the blog as is, or take my personal baggage abroad to another blog?

Rach xx


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