Thursday, June 21, 2012

how can it be?

I am feeling a little numb and not knowing what to blog about.  I read a lovely blog, written by Amy.  Amy lives in the US with her hubby and son - their family is rapidly expanding and about to welcome two new babes into their lives.

You see, I am feeling a little numb, because I feel completely and utterly powerless.  There is no simple way to get around the Australian adoption laws being the toughest in the Western World.  How, oh how does one change this situation.  An average of 6 to 8 years and $50K with no guarantee that your adoption will go through.

How can this go under the radar?  Why is their extremely little attention given to orphans in foreign orphanages?  Why did the Australian government tell me there is almost no demand to adopt in this country? What the and how the?  Bloggers... tell me.... what can be done?

Visit Amy if you have time, it is so encouraging.  Did you know if I moved to the US, within six months I could adopt through their adoption systems?  But would I be allowed back into Australia with my adopted child?  I think not.  Crazy business my friends.  It really does my head in.  Babies, up to six sharing a cot, not crying because human instinct tells them to keep their energy as no-one will listen anyway, babies not feeling grass between their fingers, barely even cuddled... and there is no demand?

image courtesy Tiny Green Elephants

Ten years in an orphanage and no demand says the Australian Government?  'The Lucky Country' some say? I'm feeling it is more like 'The Selfish Country'.

Rach xxx


  1. just crazy, I wonder what can be done?

    1. There are a couple of small organisations, but the attention is not given... makes me wonder how Gay marriage and Refugees hit the media so hard... how can our adoption laws become a focus... or maybe not enough people care?

  2. What about all the little ones born right here in the 'lucky country'? Shifted from one foster home to the next? Breaks my heart that they can't have stable loving families too. Australian adoption laws are inexplicable to me! Cate

    1. Cate, I know what you mean. We inquired about fostering, the legalities seem so crazy for that too. I understand wanting to protect the child, but we were not eligible because a child would have to share a bedroom with one of our own children. Crazy.

  3. Deborah Lee-Furness (Hugh Jackman's wife) is the Executive Director of the World Wide Orphans Foundation Australia and has done interviews about the adoption laws here in Australia. Maybe try to contact the Foundation and see where that gets you.
    It is an appalling situation, I completely agree.

  4. i'm the same we would love to adopt a little baby but way too expensive and to be honest don't want to wait years and years as i'd like zeke to have someone closer to his age not a 10/15 year gap............hope your having a fab week and a great post rachel xx

  5. So sad. My heart goes out to all those babies.

    Sending you hugs. I am so excited about your new house. You've shared some lovely photos of your settling in days. Can't wait to see more!



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