Saturday, June 16, 2012

our backyard

A Bestie coming to sit and knit while our boys frolicked in the forest and a tad of minecraft on the ipad.  Not forgetting their own gumboots.

Miss P happy with her beanie.  Up for another weekend in the hills.

Master J delivered an egg.

Our boys being paleontologists.  Obviously the previous owners had a dog (or two)... the yard needs a serious cleanup.  The boys were a great help... I asked them if they could put the puzzle of bones together to make a dinosaur.  Reminded me of my kinder placement.... perhaps I should give them a clean, dry in the sun and keep for my kinder days?   

The first of many cubbies.

A gift of moss. I think someone knew I loved moss when this house was 'given' to us!

Miss P up for another weekend and baking brownies with Miss G.  Miss G starting her own blog.  

The boys and I discovering our backyard.  I am so excited for the time and blessing of this home and toasting lots of marshmallows on the fire.

Love Rach xo


  1. Such a fabulous backyard. I would have loved it when I was growing up. When I was young my local park had a creek and this fabulous wooded area with old tree roots. It was magical. My neighbour and I used to come home every weekend from this park very dirty, and often wet through from the creek, after playing "house" in the tree roots. Places like that create life long memories.
    I love your new header too.

  2. My goodness Rach, Samuel looks so grown up!! He is not a little boy anymore. Congratulations on the new house, it looks divine.
    Much love to you. xx

  3. Love the beanie, colors look great!



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