Monday, June 18, 2012


I have never taken part in a Winter Solstice celebration.  I love the look and feel of such a community gathering.  So this Saturday evening I am planning on taking my family and whoever else is visiting to the Belgrave Lantern Parade.  I am so excited.

We will get our lantern making on this week, so many ideas.  I just had a wee peak at Pinterest, oh my, check these pics out!  I particularly like the willow - it reminds me of my birdcages!  Do you celebrate the middle of winter?  Or any other community events like this?

image credit

Or maybe this last one is my favorite!  

Much Love Rach xx


  1. this looks so beutiful - all the lanterns. it reminds me of a fairy parade!


  2. Those lanterns are very pretty. My husband doesn't love winter so every year he circles the Winter Solstice on the calendar. He seems to get this extra spring in his step once the solstice has passed and he starts counting down until Spring arrives.

  3. We do a community lantern parade in September to celebrate the town's swiss italian heritage.
    We always punch holes in tin cans.
    I'm sure you guys will have a ball.
    Just so beautiful.



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