Thursday, June 14, 2012

thanks to you

For all of you who left some comments, thanks so much.  It really meant alot.  I will keep the blog as it is... I visited a couple of places in blog-land and it inspired me to keep it real!  Your encouragement did too!

Change is as good as a holiday so they say - so I have changed the look of the blog - it reflects these Wintery  months and the green hills around me.

Here are a couple of places I have been visiting today.... I am inspired for some houseplants!

posie gets cozy

Posie Gets Cozy and of course Miss P....  Checking out lots of books and will probably write my wish list as a blog post so it does not get lost in space.  The local craft store this morning was also a delight - Kate has walked a similar path of depression - and it was great to chat about with her.  She encouraged the blog to keep on going.

Night night friends.

Love to you
Rach xx


  1. Love the new design! Looks great :D xxxx

  2. missed you yesterday........and loving the new photo on your header smooch have a fab day rachel xx

    1. I will be down on Monday - still in moving mode! xxx

  3. Can we have a photo editing tutorial tomorrow =P
    This space is looking lovely, lovely!!

    1. have a look at that is what I use! xxx But yep, we can play! xxx

  4. The toadstools are lovely. I'm glad you revamped and are feeling chipper, Rach. x

  5. Gorgeous new design. I love potplants and similar small pleasures :)



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