Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today Miss G has a different Miss P sleeping over.  They are cooking up a storm and washing up the dishes and sweeping the floor after themselves.

Camera batteries are on charge.  Mr DCT plugged the Wii in after it was packed for the last year and a half.

We potted in the garden, moving pots and chairs and bits and pieces we had unloaded in an awkward spot of the yard.  I got lost in potting my plants, my foxgloves I transplanted from the old house have a new garden bed.  Apple trees transplanted hopefully for the last time.

We found chicken feathers by the neighbors yard... I think Miss Foxy Loxy came in the light of day and took Miss Mia Chooklet.  Fern died by fright we think last Sunday - now we are a family of three chooklets.  

A beautiful Mum from my placement school has sent her hubby around to pick up the pool table.

The boys have spent a couple of hours on the Wii.  I think to myself 'bad parent'.  Choc chip biscuits are ready.  Girls turn on the Wii now.  Boys eating biscuits.

Must remember to where gardening gloves when I am in the garden.  My fingers are cracked and sore.  Time for some knitting. 

 My body is aching from gardening.  Miss G discovered gardening is the best excercise one can have while reading the ipad app of 10500 random facts.  So far so good with my red Hunters.

I'm thinking about my craft room and getting it organised.  Hoping to buy myself a new sewing machine and make some cushions.  I'll bundle up all my fabrics and send them down to the stall.  Time to move on I think. 

What's been entertaining you today?

Rach xx


  1. It sounds like you are really settling into your new home.
    That's such a shame about the chickens.
    I've also spent some time in the garden today. First time for 2 weeks as I had the flu. I feel so much better for getting my hands dirty.
    Yum, I'd love to eat a chocolate chip cookie right now.
    Have a great week.

  2. My darling are so not a bad mother! If you are a bad mother, I am a horror!! The Wii is fun and family friendly. It is a great choice of console. Your kids do so many wholesome things, a little bit of technology won't hurt them at all. xxxxxx Not that the Wii is not wholesome. My older boys play Gears of War and Assassins Creed on their X Box and Play Station. They are not that wholesome (but I must say they have learnt a lot of history from Assassins Creed!!!). Nicky loves Pikmin on the Wii (yes, we have all 3 consoles here) and to me, that is so wholesome and lovely, I don't mind at all.
    I have been pottering in the garden too of late. The side of our house has a long area about 1.5 m by 20m. It is completely boxed in and we have turned it into our rabbits daytime run. They love it. There are bushes to hide under, grass to nibble and long lengths to run up and down. I have set up a compost heap for all their used hay and droppings. It is so lovely to be outside and productive isn't it!
    I love reading your blog by the way. I get very excited when I click on Google Reader and there is a new Squiggly post!!
    Love you, Jodie.

  3. I'm happy to see that you are all doing well and enjoying your home! I hope you had a merry solstice!
    Love from the other side of the world! ;)

  4. Love reading about your days. I wish I had a green thumb to keep anything alive. A garden of lush greens ad colorful flowers are a dream of mine. By the way....your photos are beautiful.



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