Sunday, July 15, 2012

The General Food Store

To say that the chef of a cafe or restaurant has ruined you is most likely a good thing in many ways.  A little while ago my favorite place to eat opened (probably over a year ago now).  I don't get there too often - I have a budget to maintain - about once a monthish perhaps.  Or maybe twice in a week for coffee...  All food is fresh local seasonal produce, everything made from scratch - even the marshmallows for your hot chocolate!

I love the simplicity, vintage crockery, water in brown beer bottles, food in jars neat in a row.

So I have to take my besties of course.  Most of them have been, but not this old time friend and my children's childhood besties.


But although Mummy loves this place to eat and the good real food that is served delights her soul and tummy and mind.  It just does not seem to cut the cake for my boys.  Organic chocolate syrup from the Yarra Valley is no match for x-brand.

Waiting and listening to the hum of voices, cutlery tinkering and the knowledge that there are no nuggets and chips can all be a bit much.  But we are handling it, Mummy loves this place, we'd better keep it together.

Dougie the chef is so nice, and his other helpers too - we can bring a plain bread with tasty cheese sandwich in and it was toasted for us.  None of this sourdough and swiss cheese business for us, just the smell of it last time was enough to put one little man in a panic.

That folkish jazz music Mum and Miss B like is all a bit tiresome too - or maybe it's just the knowledge that there are no nuggets and chips and we are little boys.

But wait, there is bacon.  Plain old bacon served on a plate with nothing else.  Just dandy.


Table space was quaint and tight - but just enough space by the window for these girls to have their own special time.  Delighting in reading the menu and choosing for themselves - the waitress treating them like they were not part of our entourage.   Albeit the girls checking with us if they had permission to spend.

How nice to be a big girl with your bestie.

Thanks Dougie and Belinda - although you have ruined me to eat anywhere else with such enjoyment - I'm quite content with that.

Rach xx


  1. I like this post! eating out with boys/kids I know the feeling!.


  2. Replies
    1. Could you relate? Is it like this in your family?

    2. Been there done that :) Smiled at the familiar safeness of nuggets and chips for the boys!

  3. That brownie looks super delicious!

    xxxxx kate xxxx

  4. homemade you're talking.

  5. Looks like a place I'd love to visit. Yummy!!

    Your print fabrics are wonderful. Such a cool idea. And I love getting glimpses of your life on the other side of the world.

    Hugs to you!!



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