Friday, July 13, 2012

sewing mojo

Mr DCT fixed my sewing machine and although the new craft room is an absolute mess, the kitchen table was a great place to set up this afternoon.

Master S was at a friends, the other two had a pyjama and movie day.  The fabric I designed and have kept a secret until now arrived a couple of days ago - ready for work.  It took me a while to feel confident with the design process, and I think I may love the woolen blanket cushions best.  What do you think? Or maybe just even the plain Squiggly Rainbow fabirc?

I know some of my terrarium admirers put off making one there own as they are scared of killing them - which too much love will - they need neglect.  So I thought a bit of terrarium fabric creating was in order.

Hope you like!

Love Rach xx


  1. Secret keep you did!
    Matt wants to know how you water them or is the regular wash ok? lol
    I love he blanky cushions and the puzzle like print one too!

  2. Uber coolio!

    These are amazing! Its like your own work in your own work - a mirror piece!

    Kate xxx



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