Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Night

On a lighter note than this morning.  I love creating and designing new terrariums.  Today saw the making of my latest designs and I could not help but share them with you!

I love these laboratory Erlenmeyer Flask miniature gardens... and the red chair... a favorite!

And Alice arrived, only three of the little ladies, but I managed to order another ten.  I think these will be a favorite too!

We had some interesting discussion over dinner.  It amazes me how each of my children is so different.  Master J at the ago of 7 and 3 months is asking about when I was a little girl.  To learn that my Dad did not live with me when I was 7 seemed quite unfathomable to him.  Whereas I remember Miss G and Master S having quite a good grasp on my families dramatic twists.  Amidst our interesting dinner time discussion, the lemons picked yesterday were looking oh so pretty - I thought I'd share with you!

My kidlets are back to school tomorrow - they had an extra week off.  I won't know myself, but I think I will miss them.  Got me thinking about homeschooling again.  Do you home-school?  Have you ever considered it?

Love Rach xx


  1. I like the red chair the best, sorry Alice!

    Homeschooling.....I would love too!! I just don't have the confidence and I am sure my Hubby ( who is their stepfather) would frown about it......


    1. I haven't had the confidence either - but in a perfect world I would do it xx

  2. I have definitely considered it, particularly for middle school age when it becomes 'all about the image', when learning can take a back seat (to the horror of their future selves). I have bid to see how they are faring come high school time, and if they are learning well and are happy-ish at school that'll be the decision, probably their decision, or if they seem to need more focus and less peer pressure, we'll see.

  3. I love your terrariums, Rach. They are among the best I've seen.

    I've never considered home schooling. I am not that mum, unfortunately. x

    1. It's not unfortunate, funny how we think that way! Thanks so much... I did not realise how popular they had become... I was inspired by finding a book in the oppy from the 70's... started making them and then being asked if I was the lady in the paper... woah.. um, no. Once I googled - I felt a little heart broken - funny really. xx Rach PS. I decided to print some fabric with my pics and am also making terrarium cushions!

  4. Just clicked on your page and fell in love immediately with your top photo. Someone else who loves moss!! Your terrariums are spectacular. I too have longed to homeschool, and get magazines and catalogs on the subject. But I do not have the courage to take them out. My daughter has an anxiety disorder that makes her extremely shy in social situation. Her doctors encourage us to stay in school to help expose her to new situations. If I had my way, they would be with me all day. I agree about middle school, it is all about image. So happy to have found a beautiful blog.

  5. magnificent terrariums, and Alice too sweet. I'm not sure I can win the battle of wills with home schooling, I struggle getting my eldest to do her homework. I love everything about how it sounds though, and if they weren't happy at school I'd definitely consider it.



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