Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Garden Journal #1

We have been here about a month now, it really feels like six.  The winter weather this week has been pretty great and I have gumboots (wellies) - so really I am set for some gardening.

At the old house I struggled building a barrier myself to prevent wombats and possums eating my seedlings and what little I did manage to grow.

The answer so far at our new abode is to pop my huge pot on the deck with winter greens.

Yesterday the children and a besties children helped me gather sticks and vine to build a little fence.

Wombat burrows were discovered the other day, together with a lovely little parcel of square shaped wombat poop near our front path.  It is inevitable and quite delightful that we will have these little visitors, however I don't want them to eat my vegies!

 So in the hope of keeping wombats off my patch - I will continue to research the cause!  Moving from the Mornington Peninsula to the Dandenong Ranges has been a huge learning curve in food and edible gardening.  The climate is very different, different soil and of course my wildlife friends.

I have just discovered Jackie French's website.  It is delightful to read of edible gardening in the bush.  I  have lots of learning to do.

I have planted artichoke, wild strawberries, spinach, rocket, mizuna, rainbow silverbeet, purple potatoes, lettuce and that was all for a cool climate July in our yard thus far.

We also have two new members to our chicken family, a lovely friend gave us two Isa Browns - so we are back to four chooklets in total now.  The children have named them Goldie and Chirpy Cherry (aka CC).

I have been inspired by a select few over the years;  Grandma being the main one, my old neighbor and fellow Vintage Shed stall holder, and a few of the new locals.  In this love of gardening, I think I am going to start a weekly Thursday garden journal.  I may even do a linky thing.... so spread the word bloggers - and link up with an Aussie Thursday Garden Journal each week!

Love Rach xx


  1. Your fence looks brilliant Rach!
    Not a lot of gardening going on here at the moment except for the weeding and harvesting. I've got seed trays lined up waiting for onions but it's just too cold. Hopefully next sunny day I'll get in there. x

    1. thanks so much Kate for joining in! Oooh, onions, do you grow onions by seed? I have lots to learn! xx

  2. I am all over this!
    Lovin the fence but will a big wombie be troubled by it?

    1. I don't think so, I am on the mission to plant around the fence plants that will deter my forest friends! Unfortunately the chooks jumped the lower edge and dug up my seedlings, so now I have popped my collection of fowlers jars over the top like little glasshouses! xx

  3. I love that fence! I am on the brink of starting my vegie garden and I need some kind of something to keep the boof head dog out, I like your thinking! I will come and join you on your garden journey......

    I will check out Jackies site, I love the way she writes, I have her chook book.

    1. My stick fence most likely wouldn't be strong enough for a bouncy big dog... but I think a little one maybe? I look forward to seeing what you grow! xx

  4. Beautiful fence. I am really hoping to potter around in my garden this weekend, rain, hail or shine. I love the idea of your Garden Journal and would love to link in. Our kitchen garden is a little light on but I'll take some photos tomorrow. :)

    1. that would be just lovely! I had a slow day inside today, but managed to plant more potatoes... I am really excited for the garden journal! xx



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