Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Garden Journal

It's been a wonderful start to the Garden Journal link in.  I do have one thing to ask, and that is that you please link back to the Thursday Garden Journal post so everyone contributing can share what is going on in their yard.  Your readers may like to join in too, and need to know where to link in!  Don't forget the button too and you can attach the link when your reader clicks on the picture!

Now that housekeeping is sorted.  It has been a relatively busy week in our yard.  The children and I spent many hours on the weekend yanking out overgrown plants, bracken, weeks and estranged ferns.  We have a green waste bin that the council collects - it is full each fortnight.  I think perhaps we will eventually just fill a retaining wall with so much growth, but I enjoy pottering away at it until then.

My sweet potato plants arrived in the mail.  I bought them on ebay, they came from Queensland and have transplanted wonderfully.  I even was given an extra plant.  I am so excited for these to take off.  We eat so many sweet potatoes!

We cleared the very edge of the crumbling retaining wall.  There is about a five metre drop off this flat level you can see.  Under all the overgrowth was some delicious soil.  So I am thinking for now I will just sow some grass seed.  Eventually the retaining wall will be extended out another two metres and lines with garden beds for vegetables.

This was an overgrown jungle, now looks nice and neat.

I am not sure of this variety of lemon, they are beautiful sweet little numbers.  We have two baskets full after pruning back the tree.  What to do with them.... lemon butter, lemonade, lemon slice... might bring them to the stall.

The clearing under the deck I have planted with hydrangea cuttings.  It is really a nothing space, and I thought would be divine on a hot summer night brimming with tealights and hydrangeas.

Do you wear gloves?  I had some rubber gloves on for a while, but my hands were all sweaty and I found a leach friend down one of them.  I must invest in some new leather ones.

What's been going on this week with you and your garden?  I had some serious inspiration (or perhaps envy) over some of your yards.  Tell me, join in, spread the gardening love!

Love Rach xx


  1. I hate gloves, I'd rather scrubbed dried out skin!
    So excited for your sweet spuds, let me know when you've got a spare cutting for me!!

  2. Nah I don't wear gloves unless I need to do something prickly or sharp. I feel all goofy in gloves, and I like to get dirty!

    We love sweet potato too, I will have to look into it.

    How are those wombats going??


  3. I am always forgetting the gloves, it starts with a wander and then I'm weeding and thinning carrots for an hour. Some jobs require them eg. blackberry control, and for others they are such a nuisance - carrot thinning. Love your beautiful brick paths.

  4. Hey there, a fellow Aussie ... found you over at 'Tiny Green Elephants' and now following you. Hope you can come can check us out and follow us too :)



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