Monday, July 9, 2012


We are enjoying winter in these parts.  Kinfolk arrived.  My, I love it.  Lots of cooking is being had.  Knitting too, I'm trying the ever-famous tea-leaves for Miss G.  Scarves and early to bed with a book.

Candles and waiting for dough to rise.  

Warm winter sun.  My girl and I had three days to ourselves, I'll tell you more about that soon.  The boys went to Gran's.  Such a blessing, I realised I need to ask more often.

Friends here now, our boys playing.  Hot chocolate, wine, cheeses, walks in the cold.  Very busy enjoying winter, not much blogging time.  I have been thinking of you though.

Sending love.  Enjoy the season, candles, baking, knitting, love, family.  I am.

Rach xx


  1. winter sun is grand, it sparkled on us today too.

  2. I enjoyed today baking yoyo's with my little zekky and go to drive in movies in dromana with my niece and sis in law.......sounds like you are having a wonderful time smooch xx



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