Saturday, August 25, 2012


My girl will be thirteen soon.  We are getting ready.  Pinterest we love, so much inspiration.  Miss G has signed up too and is pinning her ideas for what she wants.

Today we shopped at a close-by market.  Apples for $1 a kilogram, potatoes for 59cents a kilogram, why have I not been there before?  The children loved it.  We will go back again and bring our own Granny trolley.

This afternoon we chopped down some trees and started to stack the wood shed with wood.  Simple pleasures, so much fun with my husband and children by my side.  Bliss to us.

A roast is in the oven.  Movie night tonight.  We were looking for a movie.  Flipped crossed our minds - but Miss G tells me "Dad said it's not suitable, it's got something called masturbation in it; I looked on imdb".  Okay, let's find something else.  I like to protect my children, sure they may do it... or may not... but it's not really family movie night material.  Do you supervise and monitor what your children watch?

Inspiration pics via Pinterest.  Looking forward to decorating for a wonderful 13th birthday in a couple of weeks time!

Happy Saturday to you!


  1. I love Miss 12's taste, these are some gorgeous ideas:) My Miss 12 is turning 13 next Saturday so we doing lots of things this weekend to prepare. The theme she is having is a high tea party, will post some more pictures on Monday they might give you a couple of ideas:) I'm big on choosing appropriate movies too, they really don't need to grow up faster than they should I think:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

  2. But I thought we had a deal???
    They were all going to just STOP getting bigger???

  3. 13....I remember it well....Such a very long time ago though....I hope your Daughter has a GORGEOUS day....I'm sure though Rach with you as her Mum it will be nothing less....!!!!!

    CRIKEY re movie night....So many things to watch out for these days....All my Mum had to worry about was me wanting a perm when I saw Grease....hahahaha.....

    Tamarah :o)

  4. Thirteen is such a big deal. I think the party sounds wonderful. x



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