Monday, August 6, 2012

25 days

There is about twenty-five days until the first big market this side of winter.  'Make 200 terrariums by then?', I was asked.  I have the terrarium bug I think.  Fabric prints... now doodling with my photographs and sketches with online illustrating tools.  I have so much to learn.  I am usually a hands on paper, fabric, dirt kind of creator.  But I have been inspired.

These babies are my plan for something new.  Not telling yet... it's a surprise.

So to market I will bring not only terrariums and miniature gardens; but terrarium cushions, gift cards with my work printed, willow wares.... and perhaps something else if it works out with these little designs.

Using computer illustration is fun, but I really have no idea.  A new friend suggested inkscape.  Once I downloaded it properly it was interesting playing around.  So at the moment, I float between microsoft paint, picmonkey, inkscape and word to finalise my images.  I am sure there is a more straightforward way, however this is all I know for now!

Inspiration has come from my brother this week.  He is an artist - the practicing and 'qualified' type with a couple of university degrees behind his name.  He is a teacher, father of three young kidlets - and now has taken up his own art again.

Master S is home on the couch with a fever and cough.  Off to Mummy duty for me!

Happy Monday!

Rach xo


  1. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your designing :) Trust S will be feeling better really soon. hugs xo

  2. 200 hundred in 25 days?? thats 8 a day! I havent used inkscape before, I am home with a sicky today aswell so I will give it a little look ;)

    Hope he gets better soon xx


  3. Lovely and exciting!! Best of luck with all your creations!!! :) Can't wait to see your surprise.

    Been having fun catching up on your blog and seeing the loveliness of your garden. I am envious of that gorgeous lemon tree! We can't grow lemons outdoors here, but I have a little one in a pot on my deck that lives inside during the winter.

    Hope your little one is feeling better soon. Don't forget to take care of Mum as well! Hugs to you!



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