Saturday, August 4, 2012

playing around grateful's

This day, after little sleep, sick children and concern.

I am very grateful for mind numbing activities like playing around with computer illustration tools for the first time.  Grateful for knitting and the calm it brings.

Linking in with Maxabella's grateful's this Saturday morning.

What does today bring you?  We have Grandpa's 60th birthday party with family!

Rach xx


  1. Did you do that graphic? It's beautiful. I'm grateful for your post. It's gorgeous. Short, breezey and meaningful. (Mine this week is long and I always feel a little guilty i'm boring people with my raves) x

    1. I did do the design, I had drawn the top of the terrarium, fabric base, photographed it and did some 'brain numbing' designing on the computer! Thanks! I love a ramble too, but I'm exhausted today! xx

  2. Wow, that's your first time using the illustrator? I love it, Rach!!

    Hope things are feeling better soon. I've had a week where I just wish I didn't have the RESPONSIBILITY for just a day, you know!? I grow so weary of the constant alertness required. x

  3. I am grateful too for activities that take my mind off things. I hope concerns are soon quelled, children are soon well and sleep is forthcoming. And I hope your Pop has a Happy Birthday! We had MILs 60th last weekend. Today we are having a luxurious lazy one.

  4. Ooh - which computer illustration programs do you use/ I am new to this form of art making and am trying to gather as much info as I can. Someone recommended Photoshop Illustrator to me and I can't wait to try it :)

    Visiting via Village Voices :)




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