Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday Garden Journal

Join in on Thursday Garden Journal time, sharing what you are up to in your garden....
It might be what you are planting in the garden...
... pet antics...
.... family occasions, get-togethers, picnics...
... hints and tips - family garden secrets (like how to keep wombats from eating your crop)..
but it all must be in your garden!

Link in...grap the button & share the joy xx

It's been a huge week here in our home... not much in the way of gardening for me. I have been on attentive mummy duty and faux aunt duty.

Thankfully faux Aunty duty revolves around the garden for our family.

Miss P is with us again having some time of respite. I love encouraging her talents and innocence... who says being 14 in this world means you have to be ultra-ultra grown up. I like responsibility - but I think there is too much pressure going on in so many areas. 

The boys are currently awaiting their sister to be ready for school after an onslaught of croup last night. They are taking Miss P's lead and creating their own little wonderlands in our yard.  I find it interesting watching the boys with an extra family  member - it is very sweet.  Another big sister to look up to.

The brocolli from last week is doing well in my little fenced area.  The extra four seedlings I planted outside of the fence have all been eaten... I am thinking wombats or possums?  Not sure.

Have you planted this week?  Or just a bit of family time?  

Hope your week is great. 

 Love to you Rach x


  1. Made it! Even if I spelled my own name wrong! No planting yet.....still digging.


  2. Love the painted rock. It's in keeping with your terrariums. x



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