Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Garden Journal

Join in on Thursday Garden Journal time, sharing what you are up to in your garden....
It might be what you are planting in the garden...
... pet antics...
.... family occasions, get-togethers, picnics...
... hints and tips - family garden secrets (like how to keep wombats from eating your crop)..
but it all must be in your garden!

Link in...grap the button & share the joy xx


It's been a quiet week in our garden.  I did buy some new tools though at Aldi to chop some branches - they were super cheap and good quality.

Recovering from illness has it's downers, and then the rain... not much time spent gardening.

My potted veg are doing quite well - not being eaten by wildlife or bugs.  

However we have been bird watching and have entertained Adam and Eve once again. We also had some new Rosella's visiting!

How's your garden frolics this week?

Rach x


  1. Those parrots are such beautiful birds. I love that they always hang out with a friend.

    1. I do too, we marry them off and give them names! hehe xx

  2. Lovely pictures! Where we camp in summer we get to hang out with King parrots, they are so friendly, its a highlight for us! I am going to be slow with my garden journal, we are sick and cranky and its raining..and I still havent done much!

    Planning a trip to St Erth on Sunday ( everyone WILL be better by then!) I might journal that ;)

    1. Hope you feel better in time for Sunday. Take care x

    2. Yes, hope you are feeling better, St Erth? Never heard of it? Do tell! xxx

    3. Thank you, I am kind of feeling better just because its friday :D Now I will work on those kids!

      St Erth is in Blackwood, its a garden nursery of The Diggers Club? Theres one called Herronswood too in dromana which would be better for you I need/want to buy seeds (and seed spuds!) and I am being picky and I only want super special and nice ones :)

    4. Oh yes, I'be been to Heronswood, love it!

    5. Heronswood is amazing. I hope to get to St Erth one day.



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