Sunday, August 12, 2012

weekend frolics

It is rare that Mr DCT is home for a whole weekend, he works a rotating shift.  I feel spoiled to have him home.  We are enjoying this home of ours - it's only been about 7 weeks since we moved in... it's slowly taking shape.  Plans for chicken yards, flower gardens and spying what we think is a foxes den on our property are intriguing us all.  I think we may make a few phone calls to the department of sustainability this week and see what can be done.  On Thursday our chickens were making quite a racket, I stayed by the window to watch them.  Then turned away to fiddle with my craft table; upon looking back to them.... was a great big Daddy Foxy Loxy.  He was huge.  I saw a cub at our old house at dusk, but this was about 12noon.  Cheeky things.

Yesterday morn, we had our first King Parrots visit.  They were amazing - the colours divine.  This is Eve, Master J did the naming.

And her husband Adam.


Master S always surprises me with his bravery and facing new challenges when I least expect.


Oats were all we had... must add seeds to the shopping list.

Now for Miss G's turn... but they decided oats weren't very nice.

And they flew away.  

Miss G had her first Irish dancing competition after dancing for 7 months.  Her classical background has helped - she is gorgeous to watch and felt happy with her 5th place award!

Today we are about to hit the garden - a much loved new weekend tradition it seems.

What are you up to today?

Rach xx


  1. Awesomeness!!!
    Love th names and Sam holding the birdy!!

  2. Oh just beautiful, those colors and having such lovely birdie friends visit. Lucky you.

  3. Beautiful parrot. Today is a bit of gardening, a bit of baking and visiting this afternoon.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. So beautiful, Rach. I love your back deck so much. I would never get off it. x

  5. The birds are very lucky to have that lovely interaction. x



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