Friday, September 28, 2012

one fine day

When I was 16 I traveled to Canada for a Rotary exchange program and lived with four families over the course of a year.  During one of our many get-togethers with fellow exchange students from all over the world - we often performed at conferences and venues for our groups of sponsors.

During a weekend in Revelstoke, British Colombia we learned a song titled 'One Fine Day'.  I cannot find the lyrics anywhere online to write them, but can remember a few lines in my head.  The song written by Mary Donnelly many years ago - quite a folkish nice song.

It makes me think of Jill today.  An innocent lady I did not know; her family grieving.  One fine day, I pray there will be no evil.  I know that day is coming.  But while we wait - all we can do it pray for those who are broken.  We can only shine the light of goodness.

"One fine day, all men will live as brothers.  One fine day, we will find a better way; and peace it will dwell in our land.... and we'll stand together one fine day.."  (that is all I can remember).  I find myself singing this today.  Sad and grieving.  Not just for Jill, but for the sadness of people I know personally who are broken.  For those that cause harm to fellow man, for those who think it is right to hold power over fellow man, I grieve.

Love Rach xx


  1. So well put, I too have been touched by this tragic story, even though I dont know Jill. Its just shocking and I can only hope she is now in peace. Thanks for writing about how im feelin too. x

  2. There's a while other country devastated and grieving for Jill too. This travesty has touched me as if I knew her personally. I was willing a happier outcome. My heart goes out to her husband and family and to her colleague who offered to walk her home.
    May we teach our sons well...

    1. So true, teaching our children to be people who value others is so undervalued by so many. My heart goes out to you x x



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