Friday, September 7, 2012

there are spores

Remember my moss mural?  Well there are finally some spores - over a year later.  Over a year later - we have also finished the renovation and the house is sold.  What a blessing.  Mr DCT did pressure clean the front of the house.... but he forgot this little heart over the meter box.... and it has spores!

Once we moved out, the remainder of the renovation was full steam ahead.  A wonderful friend did most of the work, with Mr DCT doing what he could.  So the end result from those early days is from this to this.....

this to this...

and this...

Outside was a family effort of gardening... this overgrown...

and the mold.... well... it is no more thanks to Mr M!

I wrote about my bathroom journey here.

Within 10 days of being listed, it was sold.  It's a cute little house, a gorgeous outlook over the forest.   A couple with just one babe have bought it - and I'm glad they will enjoy it with their young family.

As for us... we survived the storms albeit the 15 or so giant gums surrounding our house.  I imagined angels holding them up - seriously..  The old house had a branch fall on the roof.

Happy Friday to you!

Love Rach xo


  1. I'd love that style of kitchen when we do the reno

  2. I love renovations! Especially when I'm not doing them.. hehe. Great job and phew, glad the house sold.
    And btw, soooo great to finally meet you yesterday. Sorry I didn't say goodbye... got a cold and had the other two littlies at the inlaws and didn't want to disturb your stall moving. Hopefully see you again soon xo

    1. It was just lovely to meet you too! I was feeling a bit vague moving everything and not letting my exhaustion get the better of me! xx

  3. the the before and after photos....too cool, also love the heart hehehe xx

  4. Yeah that friend of yours sure knows how to install a kitchen.. and his got a cute bum!

  5. The house is so light and bright compared to the 'befores'! It is always a relief to get a house sold too..and so quickly.

  6. It is much brighter... and that friends but... I can't say I have actually checked it out!

  7. Greta reno's....nice that it has a new family to enjoy your labours. xx

  8. I always loved that old house and now it is even more gorgeous!! I'm sure the new family will be happy there. Wonderful job and congrats on the sale!

    Oh, and that heart is amazing! What a fun idea!



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