Monday, September 3, 2012

weekend pics

The market was great.  Looking forward to the next one.  The sun has been divine.  It has helped heal the heart.

 I contacted him last night and sent an email today.  Hard it was.  I told him I pray one day his life will be free from guilt and pain and will have integrity.

We enjoyed the sunshine.  We had our first afternoon tea on the deck.  I used a pretty tablecloth - it felt fun. Lemons from our tree in my water.  Sun shining.  Friends visiting.  Forgetting it was Fathers Day.

Counting my blessings for what is.  For my blessed adult life.  
For healing amidst the heart break.  For Spring.

Rach xo


  1. Being connected and accepted can often help heal us when we're rejected by others. I am glad the day turned out well!

  2. your market stall is so beautiful, i bet lots of people were drawn to it! enjoy that sunshine :)sarah

  3. I'm totally impressed with your market stall! Willow weaving, terrariums, vintage bunting and much goodness happening here :)

    These small things would help to heal a broken heart, add the company of friends and things always look a little brighter.

    Hoping your week is going well. x

  4. Wish I could have come and peruse your stall. It's gorgeous!! And I would have given you a big, huge hug.



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