Monday, October 8, 2012

a catch up

It's been school holidays here in Melbourne.  My children return to school on Wednesday.  I have booked a celebratory lunch/brunch at The General with some friends.  Yay.  I do love my babes, I just need a bit of headspace from my boys fighting and time with my Mr DCT.

We had a market yesterday - our second at Flemington.  Three stockist ordering our product.  A commission for a wonderful place and couple arrived in their space.  More on that to come.

My mum gave me a quick book-keeping lesson this morning.  It was lovely to have her share with me.

Today we have friends for the children visiting.  I have to catch-up on the housework and perhaps organise my studio.  Thinking it is time to get it looking and working like a studio.  I will have to kick out Mr DCT's desk to downstairs and set up a big table to store terrariums.

I have decided this space will get back to more of a personal blog and am hoping to get a website up and running very soon.  A friend has offered to help me for free which is lovely... I have a couple of favorite websites that I LOVE the design of.  I'm hoping we can achieve something like that.  Here they are.... Alannah Hills old website (it has recently been changed unfortunately), loving the Emu Plains Website (we have booked to be there for the whole season too).... Kate has done a wonderful job with the Little Red's site.  I think it's the air of whimsy and great photography I like!

Today I am going to do some painting and drawing with the children and fiddle with some artwork ideas for a website.  What are you up to?  How was your weekend?  Did you do some of your favorite things?

Love Rach xx

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