Friday, October 12, 2012

a fresh start - or should I say - back to it

Yesterday while Miss G and Master S were sick, I spent my time between nursing to make my own official Squiggly Rainbow business page.

When I first started creating I wanted the blog to be both the business page and personal page.  The thing is, it's getting busier at markets.  Store owners are asking to wholesale - it's a bit more professional I guess - and my nutty and whimsical thoughts need not be business public I am thinking.

So no more posting links to the blog on the Squiggly facebook page.  This is the last.  If you want to follow my story, my fruitloop thoughts and daydreams, worries and journey (and the garden too).  You will need to click on the 'join this site' button in the right hand margin.

I have not been blogging much of late - I've been quite self-conscious of being myself - of letting too much out of the bag.  Blogging is an outlet for my everyday journey with Autism and Depression.  I'd love you to keep reading if you are a regular reader - and I love each and every comment written.  It blesses me so much.

Happy days to you - and I hope you keep on enjoying the Squiggly blog!

Tomorrow I think one of our pics is featuring on Village Voices.  And here is my new website - it still has a bit of work to be done - but I'm pretty happy with it for a budget DIY job!

Mr DCT found this clip a few weeks ago - I really love it and it spoke to me about mental illness.  Can you relate?

I am wondering if I can relate because of many reasons in my life.  I'll get to the bottom of that... but I wanted to share it as a little last horrah to linking my blog on the fb page!

Love Rach x

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