Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Rach xx


Who knew how exciting mulch could be?  Mr DCT is now the proud owner of a mulcher, so as we clear our trees and undergrowth from around the house, we are also mulching the branches.  The highlight of my gardening week inbetween sick children and fighting sickness away myself, was filling one tiny garden bed with mulch between my apple tree and petunia's last night.  The warm summer nights are upon us now - my favorite time for gardening.

Since our move to this abode about three months ago, my thoughts on what to do with our 1 3/4 acres of bush has been a little overwhelming.  Some of it needs to be cleared for fire hazard.  The down side of our hill is beautfiully thriving.  The top side of the hill which is pretty flat has many dead trees and weeds that have seeded over the years.

My current thought is that we fence that 3/4 acre portion.  Clear the dead trees, weeds and undergrowth (with the help of a couple of goats or alpacas I'm thinking).  Ideally it would be great to have a couple of sheep and a cow, but I'm not sure what their land requirements are - I need to research.  Some vegie gardens fenced off, a green house, potting shed and there would be a few wood heaps from all the clearing of dead trees.

Here are some pics that are inspiring me from Pinterest...

What's been happening in your patch this week?

Love Rach x


  1. I must join in with this sometime. I'm so sorry I misplaced that email you sent me about this...received it just before we went away for the week. I've been dreaming about a greenhouse for a long time too..but still a dream until other more practical projects are done first.

  2. Ooh I would love a mulcher, although I might o a bit crazy. Hope you guys can be trusted with such a machine.



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