Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yarn Along - I learned something new

Today I had my first ever crochet lesson here (well actually the real shop in Monbulk)..  This morning I woke up with a bounce, remembering a good read I had last winter.  Blossom Street.  Today reminded me of the book... a morning in a craft store spending it yarning along.

The gorgeous Kate at Little Red's in Monbulk instructing us so wonderfully!

It's all very red and my first official crochet stitches ever!!!!

It was divine, I felt special, and I met with some lovely ladies.  I even mastered the Granny Square!

Once home I finished my household daily washing dishes and clothes and had a spot of time to make some terrariums for this Sunday's market.  Reading the brand new issue of Frankie.  Some interesting articles - especially that of teen reading.

Love Rach xx


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

  2. What a great get together. Congrats on learning the granny square. I really need to learn to crochet, because all those granny squares would be so fun to make! Happy crocheting!

  3. LOVELY!!
    And I love your new header, buitiful!

  4. woo! welcome to the crochet club!!

  5. It was a great morning.. looking forward to next week ... now just need to remember what I have learned so far!!!

  6. I tried to teach my self crochet once, but didn't have much success. My friend said that I did enough different crafty things, don't worry about it... But I think it looks fun

  7. I have a friend who keeps trying to get me to learn...maybe I will.

  8. awesome! looks like so much fun. Well done on the granny square.



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