Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Garden Journal

Join in each week to share your Garden Journal, sharing what you are up to in your garden. The link will go up every Tuesday and the link is open for the whole week!

It might be what you are planting in the garden...
... pet antics...
.... family occasions, get-togethers, picnics...
... hints and tips - family garden secrets (like how to keep wombats from eating your crop)..
but it all must be in your garden!
Link in... share the joy xx

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Rach xx


My week in the yard has consisted of being set up at market in other people's gardens.  Quite delightful really to be under the gums in Merricks listening to the kookaburra's sing and chat to me all day.

I did get a little spot of potting in last night which made me feel happy and inspired for all we need to do in our garden.  I keep reminding myself, one step at a time.  Bush gardening is quite different and something I need to get used to!

Blogger is not letting me upload my pics today, will try and sort it out later.  Looking forward to being back in the Australian Garden Journal loop again this week!  Love to you!

Rach x

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  1. yay! hello you busy lady. will come back tomorrow when i post about my gardening weekend, i have been busy-busy! and, blogger, sort yourself out, dude. have a great day lovely! :)sarah



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