Sunday, November 4, 2012


I'm still in my pj's, it's just after midday.  The house is a bomb, dishes and laundry to do. I think this is my only tidy pocket of the house at the moment. 

Market yesterday was lovely at Red Hill.

My boys and girl and Mr DCT and I are all still fighting off a lurgy, lots of tissues and vitamin c.  Coffee is finished, time to get cleaning.

I'm loving our games of monopoly with Master J.  It seems to be a new 'obsession' which is great that it is not 'screen' based.

Rach xo


  1. Not many dad's would take the time to sit down and play monopoly with their sons..he's wonderful!

  2. It dosent look so visually messy in black and white photos. Glad the market went well. Rest up xoxo

  3. Glad your market venture went well. Great photos of Dad playing with Master J.

    Hope you and Mr. DCT are soon feeling much better.

    FlowerLady Lorraine



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