Friday, December 7, 2012

picture perfect

Milly cat, Christmas decorations - our paper chains and an IKEA heart from last Christmas.  Pencils in jars and a terrarium in respite.  Wrapping paper and our first Pierre de Ronsad roses in a creamer jug.  Miss G's stitching to give to her friend and Milly cat again sitting next to some rescued clothes of Master J's from my op-shop bag.  I decided I should keep some things aside, in case we get approved.

I spoke on the phone to a social worker, I wanted to make sure my diagnosis of depression would not hinder our application.  She encouraged me that it is the second most common illness on the medical forms submitted.  Good news.

The family is looking forward to school holidays.  Mr DCT is theorising and analysing about the purpose of a Christmas tree in the home of a Christian family and how appropriate it is.  This is mentally and emotionally causing me angst and I am praying for peace in this.

Rach xx



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