Wednesday, December 5, 2012

run forest? run in the forest

When my boys were little, they seriously reminded me of Forest Gump - I love Forest (Gump that is) - and yes, I do love forests!  We picked our first ever real tree this year - no more of the fake stuff.  It does appear the Mr DCT is not actually allergic to the smell of the tree - he merely broke out in hives preparing it in the bucket!

Measuring for size, yes we took our own measuring tape.  Mr DCT's logic is slowly influencing me!

Our cosy living room, excuse the mess.  Love my granny blankets too and the need to have my own terrarium on the coffee table.

Spinning wheel care of a lovely friend.  Nutcrackers were purchased at The Reject Shop years ago.  Candle glassware from IKEA.  Chrystal clock - my mums.  Teapot - antique Royal Doulton collected by Mr DCT to remind him of his late mother.  Shoe stretchers care of my Oma and Opa.  Tall apothecary jar - a chipped one I've kept to store the childrens rocks, shells and pine-cones they have given me over the years.

I picked this up last year at the Kallista market, made in Guatemala - it is the reason.

The new facebook page you can find here.

Love Rach x


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    1. pictures are great, but the rest of the house is a bomb at the moment! xx



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