Saturday, March 31, 2012

a new camera

The Mr DCT bought a new camera.... this is the second great gift.... I keep forgetting to mention my kenwood!  We have been eating lots of home-made pasta, pizza and bread thanks to the wonderful dough hook!

It's been fun snapping away again - I missed being camera happy!  I was so proud of Master S getting into hands on making and playing again - maybe it was the bulk order of woodland creatures that arrived for my terrariums!  It made me think how we gather toys for our children; one of each animal in our toy animal collection.... but really - what animal is by itself in the wild?  This play that took place made so much sense... animals live in groups don't they?

My beautiful girl... playing with light and zoom and settings.

My little man loves to strike a pose too!

Much Love Rach xx

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yarn Along

I haven't linked in with Ginny for a long while, but this is one of my most favorite blogs.  So simple and sweet.

I am knitting myself a cardi.  It has been really tricky to find something affordable that is real wool - and I am finding knitting is a great replacement for wine at the moment!  The yarn is Ghost from here, and the pattern is ravelled here.

I am reading some very exciting stuff at the moment.... Health and Physical Education curriculum papers for an essay.  The bedside has a pile high of books, but I will chat about those on the next yarn along!

Mr DCT has gone back to the doctors to chat about his back injury.  I am wondering how I will go this week with him back to work again.  Makes me nervous.  

My university readings this week have been so interesting - even tears have been brought to my eye.  Papers about undernourished babes not crying because of their human instinct to preserve their own energy... if crying does not bring care from the main care giver.  Sad.

Much Love Rach xx

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Asperger's and Literacy

We had parent teacher interviews on Thursday evening.  It was great.  Confronting in ways for me about one of my darlings.  You see, we moved schools at the start of last year.  To our blessed school, the one that is inclusive for our family.

I realised on Thursday that we have a gap.

During my placement last year at the little village school it was report writing time.  I remember my supervising teacher discussing with me the eloquence that goes into report writing.  Eloquence may be one word, but I am currently thinking it is sugar coating things.  When I questioned these strategies with my supervising teacher - she enlightened me that written reports need to not state anything that a teacher could be 'sued' for in the future.  Perhaps not sugar coating may seem defaming.

I am wondering if my child's teachers have sugar coated his reports in the past.  If the teachers expectation of  my child has been somewhat less because of an Asperger diagnosis.  I wonder if during parent teacher interviews in previous years because I have not asked, it has not been said.

If a parent does not ask, does a teacher inform them of their children's challenges?  Will I do this as a teacher?  I would hope I do, but are parents ready to hear the truth?  Is part of assessment and reporting in teaching to state where a child's academic, emotional and social abilities really lie.  Is this really attended to or do we just encourage only with their greater overall well-being in mind; thinking that stating there academic achievements below average would discourage the child too much?

I asked the question, is my Master S on par with the rest of the class (in relation to his written work)?  For the first time I received a non-sugar coated response.  The truth.  Thank you to his teacher.  We are now working together in his style.  I have purchased a little notebook and his favorite pen.  After playing a computer game this morning - I asked Master S to write a whole page about his game.  His interest was spiked - he wrote a whole page.  Then he edited it.  Amazing.

I am just glad to have been told the truth - he is having challenges - and he is not comparable to his peers.  This may be blatantly obvious to some, however sometimes we parents trust teachers to know.

I googled Asperger's and literacy and came across a wonderful paper that explains exactly what our challenges are.  This has got the ball rolling.  Exciting times.

Last night I trolled through various web sites looking for ipad applications suitable for a Year 5 student.  I hope to give you a list of them soon!

Much Love Rach xx

Thursday, March 22, 2012


My creative side would just keep on changing any logo I 'make' or design.... it's the ditsy whimsical nature I am guessing!  My brother is an artist and a high school art teacher.  I have asked him to design something, or even make it a class project for one of his classes.

This is my latest attempt - and the last for now.  I am excited to see what he comes up with!

Much Love Rach xx

Monday, March 19, 2012

That Little Red Chair

Looking into my terrarium creations; there is a feeling of joy.  Goodness - how cute is this little red chair.... and I made miniature bunting to match!  Tomorrow I hope to show you some pictures of my new Easter miniatures all ready for their new homes....

Much Love Rach xx

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upwey Grassroots Community Market

What a blessing.  So many gorgeous and encouraging people.  If any of you read this blog after meeting me today - I just want to say thank you for stopping by for a chat.  You have no idea what it meant and what a great encouragement it was to me and my kids just loved your kindness!

Here's hoping to seeing many of you again - and I submitted my application to be part of Craft Markets Victoria!  How exciting..... or am I crazy?

Much Love Rach xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Babes Project Story

I remember when I was first pregnant with Miss G - the excitement I felt carrying my first child.  Master J's prep teacher is embarking on the late stages of her pregnancy with baby number one.  I saw a school Mum this morning with her rounded belly sharing her joy of expecting baby number 4.

Sometimes I feel a bit clucky.  I don't know if it is wanting to have that time again.  The time that can be so hard, but such a miracle.

But not all people feel that way.  I have been challenged in some recent newsworthy stories of happennings to children of this world.  Abuse, abandonment, neglect and suffering.  Perhaps I will share my story on the recommendation to 'abort' Master J if he too had special needs.... perhaps another time.  Master S being who he is far out ways any selfishness in my book to 'abort' because of special needs.  Look at that smile - and he picked me a yellow rose!

Then some snapshots of ways to make a difference have appeared for me to see.  Most great programs start locally  - and this is just what this organisation is doing.  The Babes Project is running about half an hour away from my house.  They are making a difference.  Please take the time to watch this and share it too...

Another that has appeared before my eyes is Project Hopeful Australia.  Please consider writing to your local MP about our tough adoption laws.

Spread the word... do you know anyone who would like to make a difference?

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I heart garter stitch

This early welcome to Autumn with such a wintery feel has prompted the resurrection of my knitting mojo.

I have scoured online to buy myself a real wool cardigan, that is cosy and bulky.  The costs of anything I half liked were over my price range - a good $200 or $300 for a cardigan that does not contain acrylic.

So I ordered some ghost and chose a pattern - and we will see how long it takes me.  Here is the vest I finished for Master J - isn't he cute!

Miss G loves her new cardi - pics are coming!

Much Love Rach xx

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Kony post - yes it is....

Have you met Mrs Clark?  I love her blog - another mamma with a voice.  She posted about Joseph Kony.  Something I have been umming and aahhhing about doing.  I decided to link you to her post.  There is so much reading out there at the moment.  So many skeptics.  So many questions about the motif behind the campaign.

The bottom line to me is that people are becoming aware.  Yes through propaganda.  Yes through something that so many 'well-educated' westerners are objecting to - questioning.  

Remember this started with one man's wish to make a difference.

My children sat with me and watched the most recent 30 minute documentary.  Stats may not be 100% reliable, apparently no external audit has been done on the funds raised.  However people are responding in concern and unity - people are praying - all this can be used for good.  Education and knowledge is empowering.

We need to be educated and investigate any cause ourselves.  There is so much interesting reading - and this has prompted millions to do just that.

What is next?  Where will this lead?  Is it setting a precedent to the world that the people really can have a voice?  I wonder if we can do this is Australia regarding our adoption laws?

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Etzcetera Magazine Article

Yesterday we featured in a wonderful Australian crafting magazine - our very FIRST magazine article.  I hope you can check it out and support Etzcetera Magazine.

Etzcetera Magazine

The article is three pages long and features my work with terrariums.  Miss G was very impressed and I am feeling a bit special too!  Thanks for the opportunity Kim and the whole team at etzcetera!

Back to the books for me!

Much Love Rach xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

do schools kill creativity?

I packed all of my fabrics away and cleared the space to study. Studying to be a kindergarten teacher is not neuroscience, however - my brain needs a sensory calming environment to concentrate.

There is a tiny table for my miniatures and terrariums - and my other creative supplies are all still readily available if I need them, just not sprawled throughout my house (aka studio).  I have taken up some knitting to satisfy the creative urge.

Squiggly Rainbow terrarium with miniature gumboots (wellingtons) and toadstools 

Today I watched this as an introduction to one of my subjects. It really makes one think. It made me feel blessed that after many years of not knowing who I was - my creativity was encouraged by those around me. Growing up - it had been squished by some very influential people in my life. One of them my father. Those people are not in my life these days - and I am continuing to grow and realise how intelligent I am. In many areas other than literacy and numeracy. Have you realised your hearts desires and intelligence's later in life like me?  Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker and summarises what is not often said in our education communities.



Rach xx

Saturday, March 3, 2012

packed up

We are not moving yet, still looking, missed out on the other house.  

I could not handle my clutter and creativity mess any more, so have packed it all up.  I will begin University study again this week - so need a fresh space for a clear studying mind.

I will continue to make Terrariums and Willow Wares to supply my stockists.  As much as I love designing and sewing garments, in these parts - people seem to like Target or Kmart.  A bit sad - but a fact.  So for now I will concentrate on being 'smart'.  Smarter than my whimsical notions of creating and creating for my own satisfaction.  I will find some equilibrium with terrariums and willow and study.

The Mr DCT is still receiving treatment for his back injury.  Who know's when he will be back in full action.  So I had best get my smarts about me and be a grown up and finish my study.  I really have been missing Kindergarten.  

Here is the product of my furniture moving yesterday  -  a nice tidy space!

I can look out my window while listening to online lectures and watch the trees.  I can always fit a bit of whimsy in somewhere!

Much Love Rach xx


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