Monday, April 30, 2012


Red Hill market is 5 sleeps away!  Here are some happy snaps to share what is going on...

Yes, my baking trays are currently housing moss by our window.

Someone snapped this... my studio (I told you we lived in it)!  Not for much longer... I will have my OWN studio... no more moss and terrariums at the dining table!

I love playing with light.... loving photographing my work too!

A weekend with best friends, celebrating birthdays.  These girls had not been photographed since Miss G's first day of school!  Precious girls xx.

Lots to make today...

More washing of glassware!  Now to source some more interesting wares!

The local oppy was a hub of encouragement this morning... I hope and pray all will come to pass.  So many exciting ideas and Squiggly Rainbow adventures are brewing!

Much Love Rach xx

Saturday, April 28, 2012

grateful for Fatih

What do you have faith in?  I have faith in God and feel so very blessed about our new house.  You see, we moved our whole family across the state to send them to a school.  We sold our beautiful home and left all of our friends and family behind.  I cried myself to sleep for weeks asking God if it was really what he wanted.  Have you ever had a feeling that you just cannot ignore?  It is easier sometimes we think to just ignore it.  Maybe because it involved our children, we knew we had to listen.

If we stayed where we were living, our children were going to go to three different schools.  From our experience the secondary school options for kids on the spectrum were not favorable in the area we lived in.  We even had Christian schools tell us they could not support us.  That was a blow in the face.

Thankfully, we were lead to where we are now.  That blessed school.  What a blessing.  The house we have been living in for the last 15 months has been a challenge.  I think to start with I was romanticizing.  The reality is that a family of five cannot live productively and oraganised in 9 square house - albeit running a Squiggly business! Ha!  Was I crazy!  Yep, I think so!  The honey moon period ended about six month after living here and realising Mr DCT is not a renovator (God bless him).

It has blessed me so much today stocking up on supplies for the Red Hill market, we had a trip to Bunnings for more pebbles and plants.  Each of the children chose their new bedroom paint colours!  Miss G is excited to decorate her own bedroom - and I promise I will try not to interfere.  Master J wanted ORANGE for his walls, I let him know it was my house and I couldn't deal with orange... it is now a contender between yellow and a deep aqua!  Master S will continue with his same green... I love that he loves it.

We also stopped passed a little shop in a suburb we were not familiar with - that was fun in itself exploring the 'burbs!  Waiting for my parcels to arrive was providing a little risky to be ready in time for market!  Anyway - here is a sneak peak of my new tiny Terrariums getting ready for Red Hill!

Letter boxes awaiting their garden.

Time for a ride?

Much Love Rach xx

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Friday, April 27, 2012


My essay has just been submitted.  It is all done electronically when doing distance education - the thought of my hard work disappearing into cyber land is a little daunting.  Funny how one can put trust through a cable!

Anyway - I am getting so excited about our move. If you missed my news, we have just bought a bigger house!  So exciting.  I'm dreamily decorating it in my head, and looking on pinterest for some ideas.

I love these lights.  I just have to figure out how to make them, because I am not paying over $100 each!

OH MY!!!!!

I just found a great link on how to make them.... I think Mr DCT or a very good friend from Blowing Kisses and Making Wishes might just be the men!

Much Love Rach xx

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

we have liftoff

So today I can share with you the news.  We are going blog public.  WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! Yesterday I had a funny feeling about it - and my anticipation on sharing the news needed not be loose lipped.  I thought I might jinx myself.  I don't know if that is really possible - but that is how I felt.

In my mind I have been thinking and designing what I would hang on the guest room wall.... Then I found this.  Perfect.  We have a 30 day settlement - exciting to get everything organised!  I packed three boxes today and love the thought of having order in my home again!


Details... The children will still go to the blessed school.  We have a cleared garden space... with pretty paved paths around the house amidst the bush.  It is a white weather-board and overlooks forest.....  We have a couple of stained glass windows, a fireplace.... and the best news.... SQUIGGLY RAINBOW will have a STUDIO!!!

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The runway

I feel like I am about to take off for flight at the end of a runway.  It's a good feeling, but a bit scary too.  It's hard to explain, but hopefully I can soon...

My essay is on it's way - just waiting for confirmation that I can write it from a Kindergarten teacher's perspective - not a Primary Teacher perspective (yes, they are indeed different).

So, as usually, photographing my latest work is more fun.... here's the latest Woodland...

Don't forget to spread the word about the giveaway.... it is now going to be able to be for interstate people too.... even New Zealand... I have mastered packaging issues!  That also means that purchasing on Etsy or Madeit is possible with smaller Terrariums.... now to list them!  

Much Love Rach xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Creative Space

I should be studying - I have an essay due in eight days I have not started.  Making Terrariums and Miniature Gardens and then photographing them is so much more fun!

So my creative space this week has been consumed with miniature gardening!  Here are the GIVEAWAY details... just leave me a comment to be part of it!

Much Love Rach x
joining in with our creative spaces

Monday, April 16, 2012


My baby turned seven today.  That is almost ten.  He told me he wanted to marry me last night... shh (it's a secret and don't tell anyone).  I won't be having any more baby's in my womb.  It doesn't do good things to my brain.  Cocoa Pops for breakfast - only on birthdays.

A meowing birthday card.

Dress-up party at the local ice-creamery and then off to the playground across the road for games.

I didn't have this organised, so my gorgeous Miss P illustrated Pin the Tail on the Donkey for me!  Thanks Phe xx.

 He had a party with friends.  Lots of Lego presents and good old fashioned games.  Now he is making Lego and reading a new Scoobee Doo comic.  Bliss for him.  I am exhausted and am having a little glass of red while I type.

We will go out for dinner tonight to the restaurant of Master J's choice.  Well almost, with a hint of direction from me to go to the local restaurant that has the same meals as Hogs Breath.  They do don't they?  Nuggets and chips - they will be the saving grace!

Happy Birthday Master J.E.Bears!

Much Love Rach xx

ps.  don't forget the giveaway

***ammendment*****  budget only allows for fish and chips*

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I've been reading a couple of new blogs and love getting to know and learn from other people.  I want more though!  How can I find you?  The unknown blog I have not yet discovered.... Australian bloggers - that is you!  I've been trying to use blog directories and scour some well-known blogs.... So I have come up with an idea.... you may need to find me!

To my readers - please help spread the word of this TERRARIUM GIVEAWAY.....

All you need to do is spread the word across blog land.... hopefully we will find some new blogging buddies.... and spread some Squiggly Rainbow and Terrarium LOVE!  To win - you need to be a follower of this blog and leave me a comment in any of my posts coming up to the closing date.

I will draw the winner after my last University Exam on JUNE 1st... so there is lots of time.  The TERRARIUM  will be a small Apothecary Jar terrarium with a custom made scene.... similar to those I have been making (no two are identical - so I can't give you an exact picture just yet).  Here is a sneak peak of some of my work....

Much Love Rach xx

Friday, April 13, 2012


I have a list that feels a mile long of unfinished projects, not in order of priority (except for the baby quilt for the friends baby born last week).  I need my foot fixed (machine foot that is).

Here's what's on the go....

Baby quilt
Knit second bootee for the same baby
My Cardi
Knit master J's second glove (can you see a pattern)
Constant terrarium making
7 chairs in the shed to re-do
I don't think I will count the dresses I cut out a few months back.... they may morph into a rag rug or something... chewing bracelets?

Yes, I need to make some chewing bracelets for Master J.  He didn't like his chewellery - too rubbery!

Will have a go at something like this - thank you Pinterest for your inspiration!  Of course without the buttons- we don't want him to choke!

Much Love Rach xx

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Am I cynical?  It may be a rhetorical question - but if you think I am by reading this blog... please let me know.  I know I am sometimes, I am a very analytical person, I like to study - I like to understand things, people, trees, motherhood.

Today Miss G was at a birthday party with her classmates - a whole class party at a swimming pool.  Master S and Master J were happily having a swim and I was sitting at a bench, supervising my children.  I was sitting next to another adult.  I noticed a young teen-age boy walking laps around the building in his bathers (bathing suit, togs, speedo's, swim-suit; you get the gist).  He was quite tall - perhaps 14 or 15 years old.  Happily walking in circles around the building by himself, sometimes on his tip-toes (I noted the remnants of blue nail-polish).  He was chewing his fingernails as he continued to circle the building at a steady, what looked like relaxed pace.

Then the person sitting next to me stated "He looks odd doesn't he?".  What I thought?  How rude to say that.  I responded as I felt the authority to do so as a parent of two children with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).  "I would say he is on the Autism Spectrum".  "Mmmmm", the person responded.

I don't know about you, but this really ticks me off.  Why are people so ignorant and rude?  How can a person feel validated saying this.  Or should I have responded "You look like a rude objectional wog".  Oh my.  I think I am pretty tolerant - but it seems I am not when it comes to people not having compassion on fellow man, on a fellow human stating some type of dislike to an innocent person who has no part of their life.

Just wanted to vent.  It ticked me off.  My kids are a bit odd.  So am I.  So is my husband.  Are  you?  Clearly the person sitting next to me is not.  Mr DCT concedes that perhaps the person was stating the obvious (as he, an Asperger male would - but even Mr DCT would not say that).

Okay, the debate continues......

Much Love Rach xx

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yarn along and have you met Kelly?

There is an Australian online thingy (not sure what you would call it) that advocates for us Mumma bloggers.  I discovered Kelly the other day.  I like her.  I wonder if she knits?

I'm still going with my cardigan - it will be a long slow process - but I am determined.  I'm not one of those super fast knitters like the Grannies one may see.  I bought this book yesterday - and am hoping to make myself some 'me' style frocks and bits.  Very exciting.  It's a book of Japanese style patterns written in English (Yay!), by Yoshiko Tsukiori titled Stylish Dress Book.

So today Kelly was chatting about World Vision.  It was not the words about World Vision that got me thinkging.  It was considering how social media can do good for others, for humankind.  You know about the  Kony movement - a classic example of social media working for some type of good.  Kelly wondered if her readers had a cause?  Do you advocate for something?   

It got me thinking more about the cause of adoption here in Australia.  That is my passion I feel compelled to not let slip by.  What's yours?  Do  you have one outside of you?  I have been in my first stages of contact with an organisation who is advocating for change to our adoption laws.  Here is there site - is this a cause you are interested in?

Back to Yarn Along..... I would be so interested in hearing from you US readers - what are causes you are fighting for - advocating for?  Are they different?

Much Love Rach xx

ps .... might link in to our creative spaces to.... I haven't visited for a while - here are lots more creative wonder-women!

Monday, April 9, 2012

my friends

I have these two friends - you know the one's you meet and just click.  They are my clickers.  We share some common traits, many a common trait actually.  I just love them, they make me smile.  Guess what.... they both have started their own blogs this year - and I think it's about time I shared their blogs with you.

I had to add a photo to brighten the page... here is my storage area for terrariums (our bedroom)

Enjoy reading and for a few of you who wanted to learn more about autism - there is not a better place to learn than a sneak peak into the lives of those who live with it.  Presenting Blowing Kisses & Making Wishes and Telksie's happy heart.

Love Rach xx

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have you ever experienced words being spoken to you and you wonder if you are perhaps entertaining angels?  Or maybe, just maybe, He sends someone to speak to you?  I think that has been happening lately.  Maybe I am just not used to kind words and encouragement... or maybe it is Him?

Market was great.  It's not all about dollars to me.  It's about people.  It's about creating.  It's about community and talking.  Chatting.  I have had a two grey-haired probably over 70's people chat away, and then edge away and say "but I'm not buying anything from you".  I told the lady today I didn't care - I preferred to chat with her.  Did that sound rude?  I didn't mean to be.  It was just nice to chat.

Master S and Miss G were up early with me.... Master S retired by 10am disheartened that his new mate the wood-turner didn't have timber long enough to create what Master S was ready to buy.  Blessed that he could go home with Mr DCT.

I'm tired but excited.  I got a second wind after brain storming ideas for my next market...  Then I made home-made pasta with fresh bolognese sauce with the mince Mr DCT minced.  Yum.

Love to you my friend.  And thanks for reading - you have no idea how it blesses me.... Oh - also, I almost forgot amidst the racket of noise here.....  Two 'readers'/'followers' visited me today - gorgeous people I had never met.  I wonder if I appeared anxious to them?  I was a bit.... I get a bit nervous when people get to know me... maybe they'll figure I'm .... I don't know.... a bit quirky?  xx

What have you been up to this Easter Saturday?

Much Love Rach xxx

Friday, April 6, 2012

a sneak peak & grateful

Tomorrow.  Kallista Market.  Opposite the Primary School and doctors surgery.  We have our new marquee.  Here is a sneak peak.  I am loving the new miniature picket fences!  Hope to see you there.

So ever grateful my Mr DCT understands how blessed we are to go to market.  Grateful he is looking after my marquee.  Thanks Honey. xx

Linking in with Grateful's today too.

Much Love Rach xx


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