Wednesday, May 30, 2012

another new house

We moved 16 months ago to our new area... and the house we ventured to must have been part of our transition plan.  It was not meant to last.  I remember telling Mr DCT that even if we won lotto, I would only love that house - so it must have been meant to be.  A good six months later - the tables turned.  The bathroom and size really got to me.  I knew it was time to find a home that could be a home to raise my family.  A home to have family and friends come and stay.  A home to invite people over for dinner.

It took lots of patience and prayer.  But we moved in yesterday.  A one month settlement.  A bit of painting.  A plan of attack to get the little house on the market.  The children are ecstatic.  Master S is so much happier.  We feel we are back to our old selves again.  I didn't really think a house could affect one so much, especially feeling like we are all a bit of a loving type of family.  But the little house with wobbly taps and a a moldy bathroom did make us feel somewhat not ourselves.

Here are the first few days and the last few too... My Miss P helping pack... here is her brand new blog... please stop by and hear the voice a wonderful young lady!

Miss P helping me pack!

The boys first bath in the new house.

Love my stained glass window, considering popping the piano underneath it... and the curtains... mmm... what to do?


Very lucky Master J to be baby-sat by the computer while I unpack some things... Miss G's room awaiting more bedrooms to be painted so we can set her's up!

My essay was submitted on time.... actually 3 hours before the deadline.  My sister-in-law visited with some yummy lunch to nurture us and we had cute niece cuddles too.

Off to bed for me!  Night night!

Love Rach xx

Monday, May 28, 2012


I don't have any purchased photo-editing software - so I use free online stuff.  My favorite (actually the only one I use) is PicMonkey.  I love it!  I've been playing around with the camera today - a nice little mental break from packing, cleaning and essay writing...

Tomorrow is the big day, tonight is the last night at this wee little house.  Hope you like the pics - my new creative outlet - and a little ditty for you...

Here is my new hair... I mentioned on Saturday that the children were kind enough to give their approval.  Mr DCT was a bit shocked.  My dear friend reminded me today that perhaps it was not great timing considering we are moving house tomorrow and too much change in our neck of the woods is not something I need intensify by changing my hair colour!  I have always wanted red hair - I do love it!  And I do love Autumn!

Love to you Rach xx

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Linking in with Maxabella which I have not done for a while, amazingly I kind of felt like a bit of a drone here on my blog - I hope I haven't been... I even thought my gratefuls were.  But I am so genuinely thankful for the simplest things.  Each day we thank God for the leaves that are changing colour at the moment, for our health, for our family and friends.

So my official gratefulness this week is kindness.  I have been blessed this week by some amazing kindness.  The most amazing was my lecturer allowing me to not have to re-do a whole assignment because my video of the lesson I taught did not record (which was to be submitted alongside my essay).  Oh so thankful.  I don't often get angry - don't know why - but I was that day.  I came home swearing.

My 'adopted' daughter Miss P, showing her love.  Besties that would do anything for you (and as one says; they'd die for your baby).  The kidlets letting me know they like my hair.  Vintage Girl sharing some Vintage Shed love.  My amazing blessed school community.  Kindness.  One of my favorite things.

Love Rach xx

Thursday, May 24, 2012


We have so many new faces following Squiggly Rainbow since we began markets and the success of my terrariums is nothing but exciting and astounding!  What a blessing.  I love making them, but the best part is watching the faces of children light up when they peer deeper inside the glassware to see what may be hiding or living inside!

So to those of you who are quite new, I just thought I would 're-introduce' myself and my family to you!  I have updated the about page and we are also on facebook if you didn't already know!

Here is my fam.... the kidlets, Master J, Miss G and Master S, me and hubby (known in the blog as Mr DCT (dream come true).  We do have the chooklets, a cat and a leaf insect, however they were not up to their picture being taken today!


Grab a cuppa, have a browse back and enjoy getting to know the family behind Squiggly Rainbow.  I love it when you leave a comment, so I can get to know you too!  It's been delightful meeting some of you in non-blog-land (real life)..... I am a little shy though! 

Hope your day is a blessed one!  Oh - and we are having a giveaway....

Love Rach xx

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

paint or curtains

I like that sometimes in my life, my biggest worries are whether I should paint the cupboard doors in the kitchen of our new house - or should I pop some curtains up?  One of my besties and I have very similar tastes... I knew her YES would give me that little bit of courage I needed.

This is what the kitchen currently looks like.  We settle on Friday and have been lucky to be able to move lots of boxes in already.  I'm hoping to paint <<<<< Mr DCT here. Plenty of time to paint. Just move first.xoxo>>>>>>


Anyway... Aesthetics are important to me, and I don't know if it would make any sense to me to move in with a kitchen looking like this - there is no point unpacking any of the boxes before paint dries!

Down the track we may put in a new kitchen.  But this is what I am thinking... Paint the top shelves white, a little blackboard feature on that middle bit above the stove.  Tile paint the tiles, maybe the palest grey or white?  Probably leave the timber benchtops, and either paint the cupboards or do something like this with curtains.  We will replace the sink too, painting the benchtops may not work, I don't know.  What I do know is that if I did that Mr DCT would probably get a tad stressed with me!

I do love my white though!  All ideas welcome.... curtains or paint the cupboards?  I'm leaning towards curtains!

Much Love Rach xx

Sunday, May 20, 2012

new gardens...

Cows, gumboots, decanters, miniature apothecary jar with live moss inside, reagent bottle, teapot.... you can find these at either The Vintage Shed in Tyabb or Finders Keepers Market Bazaar in Emerald.

Love Rach xxx aka 'The Terrarium Lady'

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sensory processing disorder

Recently I have been asked a few things about my boys and if this blog is just about Asperger's.  It really isn't, and the reason is that sometimes I don't want to be gobbled up by all things ASD.  I live it daily - and writing about it daily is not something I'm into.  I decided to write a little today, and maybe will do a bit more.  Master S has another condition, a genetic condition called Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome.  I started to write a bit about our story when he was a baby here.

A few days ago I wrote about a time when we stopped going to church because of our boys.  I was questioned by a few why this was so - when they have many special needs children at their churches.  I knew we were welcome, but the challenges were too difficult to go most places - let alone a place with flashing lights, loud music, lots of people and all sensory overload can be instigated by in the one place!

I guess the thing is, there is only so much one can cope with.  Most children with Autism Spectrum Disorders also have a condition called Sensory Processing Disorder.  The angst and discomfort of my children may have not been noticed - often it is masked when in public.  It is typical for one with an ASD to 'hold it together' in public and let it all out once at home.  For an infant, this is most likely different and the overload and anxiety can seem unexpected.

There was a time that we could not take Master J out of the house without thrashing, screaming and struggles.  He would not walk on the ground if it was wet (although he did have shoes on).  Master J would not let me buckle him into his car seat until he had counted all the numbers on the car dashboard.  He would gouge his brother and sisters faces and rip their hair out.  We would have to stop to read signs and count numbers as we walked.  Master J would only eat white or yellow crunchy food.

Master S doesn't like to wear scratchy clothes.  He would hide under a table if we went out anywhere.  We would have tears on the way to and from anywhere we visited (apart from the friends next door or around the corner).  All new places and situations heightened the anxiety and trauma.

For children who cannot articulate this - how hard it must be.  This is often the case, because pragmatic skills are different with an ASD.  Then Master S and his tongue reduction - all the more difficult.

So mix this with trying to run a household, raise a neuro-typical daughter and realise your husband is most likely too on the spectrum.  What fun we had!  We had some great people helping our kinder teacher, phych, early intervention - and their care got us through.  It was really hard.  I had a grief that my children were so different to others. If we were out places, people often stared or advised my parenting skills needed to be firmer (thanks for that).   But now it is easier.  The boys are now 7 and 10.  We still have some hard days - but not like back then.  I have two very different children.

I hope that gives some hope to a couple of people who may be newly experiencing these challenges.  Some of you may think blah, blah, blah - I challenge you to educate yourself too, to be a friend to someone you may encounter; or that child you see in the kinder room who is kicking a table or licking the window, who says something completely obscure to you.

Now I'm off to make something new for the stalls, shop and upcoming markets!  Stay tuned!

Love Rach xx

Saturday, May 12, 2012

hello again

I'm getting so excited to have my besties and some family come and stay in the guestroom of our new home... I am itching to make and create - all I have yet to pack of craft supplies is the terrarium gear.  I managed to find something to finish off though.  Some wall art for above the guest bed.  Terrarium miniatures come in handy!

Love Rach xx

Finders Keepers

It's Mothers Day weekend, why not come for a drive to The Hills.... thought I'd show you a couple of pics of the gorgeous little store that opened at the start of the year.  I am lucky enough to have a little space inside for the Terrariums and a couple of other treasures!

Finders Keepers Market Bazaar in Emerald is a few doors up from The General Food Store (my favorite place to eat), and across the road from the library.

Artisan and Vintage wares.  Books, clothing, bric-a-brac, cute bits of furniture, jewellery, hats.... oh and shoes!

Happy Mothers Day xx

Rach xx

Friday, May 11, 2012

Loose Lips

Okay, yesterday I was afraid to talk, to blog, to write. Chatting to another crafty lady today - we discussed that it makes my business real - I am no superwoman!  I had this post on my heart, and I think it's time.  Facebook is a great thing, it lets you keep in touch with people from your past - this is bitter sweet.

We went to a church for a good five years, a long time for this young family of mine.  I am writing this as a means of forgiveness I think, a means for expressing what happens to many of us.  Christians aren't perfect - why do we expect more from them?  I don't think I expect much more, but I take one's word for what they are.  I take words spoken to me as honest and true.  If a friend speaks to me, I take it as truth.  A 'Church' friend, or any friend - church or no church.  Words like "You are the best friends, I can't wait for our children to grow up together".... and so on and so on.  Maybe there is an altered motive of building numbers.

When Mr DCT was studying music I remember vividly a song "Loose Lips Sink Ships" from an ABC movie  Come in Spinner soundtrack.  I think this is something many of us need to be careful of.  I know I am very whimsical, very flighty - I hope my words have not sunk friendships.  Maybe they have?  I'm not sure.

I know I miss many of you, what was, what could have been in friendship.  The thing I find is, it was when we left a church.  It was finished.  Not HIS finished, but the friendship finished.  Makes me realise why so many people dislike churches and the people in them.  When we stopped going to church for family reasons, we did not stop being your friend.  My heart has grieved.  My heart believed your words.  My heart had to look after my special needs children.  How blessed you are to not have that pain.  Maybe you have a different pain?

My thoughts, yep, I'm real.  Not sure that is a great thing for a blog.  But it is what it is and I needed to write it.

I had a beautiful moss collecting stroll at a new friends home - a lady I admire.  She is what I would be if there were terms to trade yourself - you know what I mean.  We discussed this same thing - leaving a church does not mean leaving a friendship.  There is no fine line, and I get why people find Christians to be hypocrites, often they are!  They are human and it still hurts, but I have to forgive.  No-one is perfect, this happens to many.  Just wanted to write and share.

Rach xx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

are you listening?

I haven't been blogging as much lately - maybe it's because I know people are reading.  People who know me, or people I bump into down the street.  My thoughts so eloquently (perhaps, or not so) written, are out there for you to scrutinize and analyse - like or not like.

I knew that would happen when I started blogging.  I'm not all about writing about the day to day stuff - I like to write my thoughts.  But lately, I'm a bit hesitant.  I'm feeling a bit shy.  I met some of you at the markets, some have bought my work and fall into my Terrarium world of peace and la-la-ness.  It's perhaps that dreamy way that make me love making and designing.  But my thoughts are mine for a while.  Just while you're getting to know me.

When I started blogging, I wanted the two to intertwine, now I'm not sure.  I have thought about starting another blog to express my thoughts - but somehow I think I would want to share creating with you.

I might just pop in a little less lately - is that okay?  We are moving house in two weeks and I am so looking forward to having some order and peace back in our life.  I may even have a go at making my own Mason Jar lights - but with some Fowlers Jars instead!  Just on a rambling note about these lights - I am a little frustrated when I think I have come up with a great idea - and only realise it is famous! Aaahhh, anyway - no fake grass for my stall, but I think we will do the Fowlers lights for above my kitchen bench!

Love me xx (Rach)

Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday.  Market day at Red Hill - our first at Red Hill was great.  Rainy and cold, but the response to my work and the love of terrariums was fabulous!  As always, my favourite part is seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they investigate each little story under glass.  I met the fabulous LISA from ledamae... so blessed to be market neighbours!  And I even splurged on one of her pieces of art to hang in the new guestroom!

When I am making a terrarium, I feel like I am painting a picture with moss... my tools are my brush, the moss the paint.

Master S is getting a bit anxious about the unknown of the move (as expected).  Miss G packed her whole room over the weekend.  Master J is cruising along well and excited to have friends over for sleepovers.  Mr DCT is organising all the officialdom.... and I have a list...


Video a lesson and write an essay on my lesson

Prepare for an Exam

Upwey Market

Flemington Market

Move house

Paint a house

Tidy and sell this house

Then all the day to day things... Mumma, cook, cleaner, thrifter!

I'm okay with it all, not getting stressed, feeling pretty good.  Maybe because it is all meant to be!  I also designed something new... a bit of a secret - but here are some sneak peaks...

 Thanks for reading... thanks for commenting... all almost 200 of you reading.... who are you?  Say hi, don't be shy!  Just a quick note about artists copyright aswell - thanks for respecting it!

Much Love Rach x

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


A little update on yesterdays creations...  I found a little wood yesterday.  In our Australian bush, it is quite a different type of stroll in the 'woods' - it is our forest.  But at the bottom of the hill on my walk, there was indeed a wood, with giant oaks and loads of moss.  I was in awe and dare not disturb the trunks of these magnificent ladies.  I found myself stroking the trunks and being thankful for such beautiful creations... There were gorgeous little yellow bellied swallows fluttering by - for a brief moment I felt like Beatrix!  I will bing the kidlets and take some snaps soon to share.

Rach xx


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