I am Rachael, it's lovely to meet you!  I blog about my journey in life as a woman wearing many different hats!

What's in a name?  When my daughter named our little venture 'Squiggly Rainbow' - something stuck.  You see, I don't know about you - but I think of a rainbow being perfection.  In my early days of parenthood and marriage - I dreamed of that perfection.  With the arrival of our second child having birth abnormalities (Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome), our Squiggly life began.  Our Squiggly Rainbow.

Squiggly Rainbow is the little business I began in 2009 when I was full time at home with my youngest child who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We had already been through a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrom with Master S, now it was Master J's turn.  I lost two friends that year to cancer.  I almost lost my mind too.

Squiggly Rainbow was an outlet of creativity that provided a small income, and is growing into a lovely business I can run from my home in The Dandenong Ranges.

I began making Terrariums and Miniature Gardens after finding a 1970's Terrarium book in the Op Shop.  I had seen some diorama jewelery with tin figures and fake grass - putting two and two together - the idea to start making my own range of Terrariums started.  Once I got started and busy - I realised how popular they have become!

I am a 34 year old mamma and wife, believer in Jesus, student, thrifter, gardener, artist, photographer, knitter, lover, cook, seamstress, and most things home-makey!  I am in the process of finishing my teaching degree and becoming a kindergarten teacher too!

I love hydrangeas, the music the birds make in my garden, whimsical fabric combinations, doilies, coffee, eating vegetables and visiting my chickens.

Blogging began for me as a way of documenting and showing some of creative designs and updates on my small business.  It turned into a place for me to share about my lifes journeys, joys, dreams, happy times, sad times, whimsical ideas and ideals.

I am married to my teenage sweetheart of 16 years, we have 3 gorgeous children; Miss G - aged 12, Master S aged 10 and Master J aged 7.

While establishing as simple and self-sufficient life as possible,  I try to keep things simple and home is where that seems to be most of the time.

My background shares many interesting stories - broken homes, depression, special needs children and salvation.

It's lovely to 'meet' you and I am so glad you found this blog - hang on for a squiggly ride - I am!  Anything else you want to know - just ask!

xx Rach


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